[RE-OPENED] Breeding Issue

A couple of my Stallions have had more than 2 Broodmares bred to them for the same slot.

Stallions affected are:-
First Born Son (https://www.finalfurlong.org/viewhorse.php?horse=10702) has been bred to Cat Surfer (on Jan 1), Raise A Red Flag (on Jan 4) & Still of the Night (on Jan 9). All three are for his Feb 1 slots.

Hogsmeade (https://www.finalfurlong.org/viewhorse.php?horse=17333) has been bred to Formal Debate (on Jan 11) & has a reservation for Corporate Card. These were for his May 1 slots, however, today, he was bred to Dream Alone for that same slot.

I don’t believe that any of my other Stallions have this same problem.

Steps to Reproduce

If you look at my budget for First Born Son, you will see the breedings for all three Broodmares. If you look at his “Arranged Breedings”, you will see two of the three and there is nothing for Raise A Red Flag. Could the fact that Raise a Red Flag was a Free Breeding due to having had a Stillborn foal this year have anything to do with the issue?

If you look at my budget for Hogsmeade, you will see the breedings for Formal Debate and Dream Alone, whereas, if you look at his “Arranged Breedings”, you will see that he has been bred to Dream Alone and that Corporate Card is booked but not yet bred. There is no mention of Formal Debate.

I think this has been fixed for future bookings, I’ll have to look and see if anything can be done about these bookings in particular. (Did you have a plan in mind, Lewis?)

I also believe that the 30 mare limit will also be enforced anyway, but obviously that means that whatever mare(s) get to the stud last (presumably in August) would not be able to be bred. (I’ll need to verify that that is the case in the code though.)

First Born Son has an open Feb 2 slot. Could one of the mares be moved to that slot?

Hogsmede has a May 2 slot open. Could one of the mares be moved to that slot? It would probably be easier to move Corporate Card to that as she hasn’t been bred yet.

Unfortunately, this problem doesn’t appear to have been fixed as we had a similar problem with a couple more of our Stallions (it is possible that these were left over from the bug you fixed):-
I’m No Fool (https://www.finalfurlong.org/viewhorse.php?horse=5483) had three mares booked for his May 1 slots. I was able to move one of them to a May 2 slot.
In The Navy (https://www.finalfurlong.org/viewhorse.php?horse=4858) has three mares booked for his March 1 slots. Two of the mares have already been bred and I cannot get at the third booking to change it. I have shifted a couple of my unbred mares around to make a booking for the third mare to a Mar 2 slot, but cannot delete the booking for that mare from the Mar 1 slot (it is an unnamed mare for Cricket Hill).
There is also a problem with Holy Warrior (https://www.finalfurlong.org/viewhorse.php?horse=18349). His “Arrange Breeding” page says that he has 16 mares booked but I can only see 15.

This should now be fixed.

I had to move around a lot of breedings, and delete a few. I just moved them around to whatever made it 2 mares per slot, so mare/stud owners, you may need to shuffle some more.

Note that I didn’t update any due/birth dates, so your mare may “officially” gestate for < 11 months based on me moving her breeding date artificially from date X to date X + 14-30+ days. (No foal stats were updated.)

OK, this may now be fixed. Turns out the logic to determine what day(s) are available for breeding once a mare owner selected a specific month to breed wasn’t working, so that allowed people to book slots that weren’t valid.

I’m flagging this as fixed as it hasn’t happened in a few days, vs every day before.

Give a shout if the numbers seem off for your stallion though, and I’ll investigate some more.

I have a feeling that this problem has cropped up again.

I was checking Holy Warrior’s breeding page (https://www.finalfurlong.org/viewhorse.php?horse=18349) and noticed a couple of overbookings.

He had 3 mares booked for his Mar 2 slots, as well as his Mar 3 slots.

I’ve fixed the Mar 2 overbooking but am not sure what to do about the Mar 3 one.

I will have to contact Kim at Semiahmoo Stables to find out what she wants to do about Definitely Bold as the next earliest slot Holy Warrior has available is May 2.

At the moment, I am not seeing a similar problem with any of our other Stallions, just the ones I mentioned.

Thanks Lewis, looks like Aptitude and Sionnach were also affected.

I still need to figure out what’s going wrong…will investigate.

(fyi @Zori and @imagine)

Just to muddy the waters further Formal Debate is actually in foal already.

Formal Debate 2017 NCh. Formal Occasion x Highland Debate Broodmare In foal to Hogsmeade, Due 04/06/24
I booked her place on Jan 7th and you gave me May 1 for her and when I was ready to breed her the breeding page showed that I had a date booked for her and said “do you want to breed this mare.” I clicked OK without double checking the date as there has never been any problem. So I can’t understand where she’s gone off your page. Also I wanted to breed dream alone to him so I checked for the next available date on her breeding page and it showed one that was clear (again I can’t remember what it said.) I thought that the date was free as they don’t usually show up if there is no space. Sorry Lewis I didn’t realise till now that there was a problem.
At least the problem with Sionnach has been solved, I no longer have a reserved spot to him showing on every breeding page, even though I had already used up the bookings i had made!

I just checked Hogsmeade and it shows both Dream Alone and Formal Debate for his May 1 slots which matches what I have in my notes. It also shows that both of them have already been bred.

I think the problem was that another Stable booked a May 1 slot for one of their mares after you did so Hogsmeade actually had 3 mares booked for his 2 May 1 slots, however, they were quite happy to do a May 2 slot.

Anyway, your two mares are both booked and bred. Good luck with the foals.