RC Bee's 2015 Foals

Apparently What’s Honor is an early foaler. At least this time she didn’t scare the bejeesus out of us by foaling on January 1st. This time she waited until a few minutes after midnight - January 4th - to foal a tiny chestnut colt.

[color=blue]Antietam is a tiny chestnut son of [color=blue]NCh. Call To War-[color=red]What’s Honor, by [color=blue]WCh. What’s Debatable. His full height is apparently 15.0 hands, the same as his equally chestnut parents. His namesake is the single bloodiest day in the American Civil War; while being a tactical draw it was still a victory/turning point for the North, paving the way for Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and being a prelude to the double whammy of Gettysburg and Vicksburg.

I may be an amateur history nerd, ::)

What’s Honor is going to A.P. Indy for her 2016 foal.

[color=blue]1 colts/ [color=red]0 fillies/ 0 stillborn/ 8 left to foal

Bad news from the foaling barn - maiden mare [color=red]Fairy Wish foaled a week early, a stillborn filly by [color=blue]Call To War. Been waiting a whole year for this one, but you can’t have 'em all. Wish is a little disoriented but she’ll be fine. She has a date with [color=blue]Seattle Sorcerer and we’ll try Call To War again next year.

[color=blue]1 colts/ [color=red]0 fillies/ 1 stillborn/ 7 left to foal

Sorry to hear about that.  :frowning:

I hope the next one and the retry are born happy, healthy, and very much alive.  :wink:

Sorry to hear about the foal. :frowning:

Sorry to hear about Fairy Wish’s foal - wishing her a safe foaling next time.

The foaling barn’s been waiting for our monster truck-sized mare [color=red]Glory’s Jewel to drop her foal for almost a week. She’s five days late but I suppose that can be explained away by the massive size of the dark bay would-be cannonball who’s still trying to get out of the way of her own legs, ::)

[color=red]Infinite Horizons is a daughter of the now-retired [color=blue]Rahy(G) and massive at 10 hands. Must get that from her mother. We haven’t settled on the name yet; feel free to make suggestions. We’ve decided to keep her name, :slight_smile:

Jewel is awaiting approval to breed to [color=blue]Bellagio.

[color=blue]1 colts/ [color=red]1 fillies/ 1 stillborn/ 6 left to foal

{drool!} gorgeous filly love her name!

Also love the name. :slight_smile:

Infinite Horizons is lovely :smiley: Congratulations on your great foals so far! Sorry about Fairy Wish’s bubba, though.

A day late on the latest addition to the barn since we didn’t expect her to show up until March, but our maiden (oh those testy maidens) mare [color=red]Ideal Ransom dropped a dark grey filly yesterday.

Her name is [color=red]Poker Face and she is a daughter of the excellent [color=blue]NCh. Player. We’re hoping she makes a fine turfer.

Her mother is booked to [color=blue]Long Live The King. And once again the fillies have taken the lead.

[color=blue]1 colts/ [color=red]2 fillies/ 1 stillborn/ 5 left to foal

Cute filly. Love the name.

Great name! :slight_smile:

Very late update but the foaling barn has two new arrivals!

[color=blue]End Of Line is a handsome dappled gray colt by [color=blue]NCh. Void-[color=red]Party For One, by [color=blue]Lonesome Glory. He’s an April Fool’s Day foal, and one hopes he’ll be as successful as another April Fool’s Day foal, Zenyatta.

[color=red]Party For One will be rebred to [color=blue]High On Love.

Our newest arrival is a lovely liver chestnut filly by [color=blue]Giant’s Causeway and [color=red]Magical Stone’s first live foal. Her name is [color=red]Moonstone.

[color=red]Magical Stone will be rebred to [color=blue]High Chances.

And once again the fillies have taken the lead.

[color=blue]2 colts/ [color=red]3 fillies/ 1 stillborn/ 3 left to foal

Love the name moonstone

Finally got some news from the broodmare barn in the form of two handsome bay colts.


Cute foals! Love the names. :slight_smile:

Seconded, both very unique

And we conclude our breeding season on a sad note, a stillborn filly by [color=blue]Worth My While out of our create mare [color=red]Chicks Are Better. A bit depressing that we lost two of our more highly anticipated foals but there’s always the next time. Chicks Are Better will not be bred this year so as to have an earlier breeding/foaling date next year.

[color=blue]4 colts/ [color=red]3 fillies/ 2 stillborn

Sorry for your loss.

Sorry about your foal. :frowning: