Range of Horses for Sale - Racers and Broodmares

Hello All!

I’ve had a bit of time today to put together a sale list and even though I hate to part with any of them, I must in order to afford to race, breed, and raise others. Most of my horse have pretty light race records as I’ve been in school for a number of years and that takes precedent. So I hope that these beautiful ponies can shine at other stables. This is what I have so far. I also have a number of horses for lease (18 right now, 17 of those are Broodmares). See that thread here: Rainee TBS For Lease

FOR SALE: [All horses may also be leased, just PM me]
[color=green]CH. Distinct Secret - $5,000 (New Members only unless you PM me saying you want him.)
2011 Gelding - Secretariat x Pretty Distinct by Distinct Possibili
35:7(1)-3-5-3 $219,400
Such a good boy. He’s been with me for years, but has been stranded in Australia for a few years and I wish I could bring him home. He’s a good horse that always puts in an effort. Could even have a continued career in SC as he “loves jumping” in 2 trials.

[color=green]Wayfarer-$5,000 (New Members only unless you PM me saying you want him.)
2011 Gelding - Affirmed x Traveling Maid (Created)
18:3-0-4(1)-4(3) $98,900
Interesting gelding here. Could be a fun one to play with. Has tested as “loves jumping” twice.

[color=blue]Golden Augusto-$10,00
2012 Stallion - Whirlaway x Lucky Again by Awesome Again
13:2-0-3-1 $23,700
Quite a showy horse, might do well as a gelding. Switched to SC at the end of his 3yo year with a record of 8:2-0-3-0. Needs someone to play around with his equipment and training.

[color=blue]Political As Usual-$15,000 (New Members only unless you PM me saying you want him.)
2012 Stallion - Highland Bandit x Fleeting Dreams by The Black
17-2-2-6(1)-2(1) $138,650
Was sent over to Australia after a very strong 3yo year, with 2 stakes places with a 4th in the G1 Adelaide Cup (16f Turf) and a 3rd in the G2 PJ O’Shea Stakes (12f Turf). He was subsequently stranded and wasn’t given a fair shake at a racing career. Showed twice in 4 starts last year after having not been home in many years. Solid turf allowance contender (at least) with some rest and reconditioning. Worth the investment!

2013 Stallion - Stressed x Las Vegas Jitters
22:3-1-0-3 $94,350
Due to constrained funds, he along with other has been stuck in Australia for a number of years. Due to this he has had a limited number of races. With a good rest, I’m sure he would bounce right back to the track and he’s got a lot of heart. Might take to gelding well, and tested as a “decent jumper” in 1 trial. Bringing him home isn’t in our budget so we’re sending him on to a new home!

2013 Stallion - King David x Je Suis Prest (Created)
20:4-5-2-3(1) $151,000
A steeplechaser that could do with a gelding. I just haven’t done it as I would like his new owner to make that call. He is 5, but he just never settled in here and I just didn’t have his number on the training track. Has worked well this spring and is still in good shape.

[color=green]Michael Angelo-$4,500
2013 Gelding - I’m Your Angel x Lad’s Lady by Crimson Lad
13:0-1-2-2 $17,300
May be a late bloomer. Tested as “loves jumping” and has one SC start, the only race he made money in last year. He may have a solid allowance career if someone gives him a chance.

[color=red]Simply Bright - $15,000obo
2013 Mare - Simply Heroic x Bright Velvet by Black Night
13:3-2-1(1)-0 $76,200
Won a race in December. Kind of finicky, needs someone consistent.

[color=blue]Three Wink Warbler - $12,000
2013 Stallion - War Chant x Just A Moment
15: 1-1-1-2 $28,750
SC Record: 6:1-1-1-1 $27,000
He hit the board four times in 8 starts last year. Would probably do well as a gelding campaigner, has a promising future on the SC course. He started SC last year and broke his maiden at 9f in his second to last start.

[color=red]Onomatopoeia - $10,000SOLD
2014 Mare - Cryptic Ballad x Southern Royalty by Kentucky Summer
7: 1-1-0-2, $10,300
This mare has only had 2 starts in the last 2 years. She could be quite the runner and she’s still young. I would keep her if I had the time and money.

Broodmares (All Open for this season):
[color=red]Double Bubble-$10,000
2010 Created Mare
27:5-4-4-1 $134,350
Has no starters yet. Foaled out this year.

[color=red]Heart Shaped Box-$10,000
2010 Created Mare
42:3-4-4-5 $98,650
A cute mare that raced successfully into her 5yo season. Foaled out this year and has no runners on the track.

[color=red]Sea me Now-$15,000
2008 Created Mare
17:4-3-3-1 $80,400
Her 3yo in placed in 7 starts and her 2yo has yet to start. Last foaled in 2017.

[color=red]Sim Salabim $15,000
2010 Created Mare
23: 3-3-2-2 $71,150
Lovely lady here. She had her first & only foal in 2017.

One sold, added another racing mare.