Random jockey workouts

Description of Issue

Grappe Noire seems to have some sort of jockey issue where he works out with random jockeys instead of his assigned jockey. I reset the defaults and switched the jockey a couple of times already, but doesn’t seem to help. His current jockey was assigned to him on 13-5, but all his workouts since then have still been with random jockeys. Makes it a little difficult to figure him out.

I’ve noticed this with one of mine too (Fascinated Wind 51563)

Who is the assigned jockey? I know this always happens with K. Berry.

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I have the same issue with K. Berry. Issue seems to resolve if I choose another jockey.


I use Barkett for Fascinated Wind and his workouts only use him if I manually train

I BELIEVE what can happen is if the same jockey (especially those further up the alphabetical list like Berry) is chosen for manual workouts, that jockey isn’t “available” for the next horse because he’s assigned to ride another horse at the exact same time, so horses further down in the alphabet with the same jockey assignment might be assigned someone else for that particular workout. I think. Shanthi can correct me. I might be misremembering a comment from years ago.

I had never read that. Interesting. Regardless, though, Berry is the only one I have that issue with. I think Barkett is an SC jockey? Might have the same issue as Berry, but I don’t run SC horses so can’t verify.

Hmmm, the jockey is Berry indeed, but my notes say he is the second jockey that this is happening with. I switched him for someone further down the alfabet so maybe that’ll help. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the info either way, I’ll make a mental note not to assign Berry haha.

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I could be completely wrong, so don’t trust my word. :laughing:

I’ve had this issue with several horses but didn’t take much notice thinking that I has forgotten to assign one even though I’m usually careful to make sure all my 2yos have a named jockey before they leave the farm. Not played around with jockeys much because when I have changed them there doesn’t seem to be much difference.

This can definitely happen for races, but shouldn’t happen for workouts. (The workout day is infinitely long and the jockeys have infinite energy for workouts so they should just ride all 582 horses they’re assigned to on that day :wink: )


I had to double check Fascinated Wind (51563) and yes he is a SC horse and the auto workout is still assigning him random jockeys

jockey bug

I didn’t snip the jockey comments but on days with the random jockeys most comments say they aren’t getting along with the colt, however I assigned Barkett as I have yet to get that remark from him. Again, the only days Barkett is the jockey are the days I manually train.

Side note: I haven’t seen this issue with my flat racers and using Berry oddly enough lol