Rainee Thoroughbreds: Many Horses For Lease

Hey everyone!!

We have a bunch of horses for lease. They’re not bad horses, I just don’t have the time for them right now! If anyone is interested in leasing them but would like to change the length of the lease, etc., just PM me! :slight_smile: Also if there are any other horses in the barn that aren’t for lease that you would like to lease, please feel free to PM me. We have 2 broodmares up for lease still, and 10 racehorses.

Hope everyone is having a great year!

If anyone is interested, I’m open to leasing almost all of racehorses. I’ve been so busy lately they haven’t touched a track in months. However, there are many good horses very willing to run!! Just let me know if you’re interested.

I would be interested in two 3YO colts, Burn Notice & Contristo. If you are interested in leasing them out to me, let me know for how long and for how much (I would even be interested in buying them outright if you wanted to sell them, depending on the price you would want for them).