Rainee Thoroughbred's Broodmare & Prospect Auction

Y’all I did it. 107 broodmares and prospects, aged 4+ up for your consideration in the RTB Auction beginning February 8th. Some mares have a $5000-$10000 reserve, but most are $0. Any broodmares not purchased will be retired, many of the racing mares as well. So take them home if you’re even a bit interested (please :smiley: ). Some really well bred mares in there and some with impressive full & half siblings.

It’s possible I will add more, but this is where we’ve gotten this week.


Reminder that the auction starts in 6 hours. I also realized there is one colt that made it into the mix. IDK. So it’s the “Broodmare, Prospect & That One Guy” Auction I suppose. And I’m trying to stick to my original if they aren’t bought they are retired. Really trying on that one. So perhaps buy all of them so I don’t have to test my own resolve. Please. :slight_smile: