Rainee Thoroughbred's 2015 Foals

Well sad news to report with the first foal. After loosing her colt by Chivalry last year Smooth Charm also lost her Chivalry filly this year. I guess Charm and Chivalry just aren’t a great match! Oh well. Hopefully better news next time.

14 Foals Due
0 Colts
0 Fillies
1 Stillborn

So sorry to hear that. Fingers crossed it’ll be third time lucky.

Man, that sucks. :frowning: Sorry to hear about the foal.

Sorry to hear about your loss. :frowning: Don’t give up home though, we have a mare that also lost both her first foals but has now safely given birth to two live ones.  :slight_smile:

Gosh sorry to hear that! Losing a foal is tough let alone twice in a row.

Dang… Buck up they say third ones a charm… really sorry to hear about your loss…

Oh, geeze.  That’s rough.  I’m so sorry!

So sorry! Hopefully lucky number 3 will be a healthy happy foal!

Hey I had the same problem with my maiden broodmare GCh. Making Magic (a Dark Magic daughter to boot!) and Steal Your Heart.  I finally ended up with a colt and named him Three Fold (sometimes 3X is a charm). BTW, if he or she is healthy next year you already have neat name ideas… Three Charms, Imthethirdcharm, ThreeXaCharm…etc. :wink:

What Holly said, when you finally get a live foal you have great naming options. When Ain’t I Pretty finally foaled a live colt after 2 stillborn foals he was aptly named, Lucky Devil. :wink:

Thank you all. And you’re so right about the naming opportunities!

Happy news report!
Accountess foaled in the wee hours of this morning, she was a few weeks early but both are alive and well. She delivered [color=blue]Impression Sunrise, a beautiful dark bay colt by Doodles.

13 Foals Due
1 Colt
0 Fillies
1 Stillborn

Like the name. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you lost a Chivalry foal again  :frowning:  My boys are live foal guaranteed so if you wanted to try another mare or book a different stallion let me know!

More good news! Turnitupanotch delivered our first filly of the season. A beautiful dark bay by Take Me Away that I have named [color=red]Nada Surf.

12 Foals Due
1 Colt
1 Filly
1 Stillborn

Congrats! :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley:
Another baby was born this morning! After loosing her Bellagio colt last year Exit Stage Left foaled a healthy filly, [color=red]Graziana, also by Bellagio.

11 Foals Due : Next Foals Due in March
1 Colt
2 Fillies
1 Stillborn

Congrats on a healthy filly!

After a long wait, quite nearly a month overview, Dancing Forbidden had her second foal today! A filly named Caoimhe (it’s Irish, pronounced KEEva, how that makes those sounds I’m not sure) by Yes It’s Paddy.

10 Foals Due : Next Foals Due in April
1 Colt
3 Fillies
1 Stillborn

I had a cat named Keelin…spelled Caoilfhionn. :wink: