Rain, Rain, Rain, and yes, more RAIN

We have been getting a total deluge of rain for the past few days. It’s basically been raining all week, though it does let up here and there. In the past 3 days we’ve gotten over 8 inches of rain. Wow, I can’t ever remember getting this much rain in such a short period of time. Today should be the last day of really heavy rain, I hope so, it’s definatley more than enough. Record daily rainfall past two days in a row. :shock:

We have also been getting a lot of rain. I do hope it keeps raining, though, because if riding isn’t canceled tomorrow morning, I’m in big trouble.

I’m a junior instructor, which means I can’t miss a lesson. However, I have a huge test tomorrow morning, which means I have to find a replacement who is free, rides at my stable, and has the same riding rating as I do. However, all my friends that are as advanced as I am are taking this same test. I’ve called the stable, but nobody’s answering the phone because all the lessons are canceled due to the rain, so nobody’s in the office…I just don’t know if they’ll cancel mine. I’m panicking!

I’m going to start ranting, because I’m very upset now.

I don’t like being a junior instructor, because it puts a lot of pressure on me. This is my first time doing it, and a lot of the senior instructors’ directions are not clear. They must think I’m very incompetent (which I am). Also, I’m not that good a rider, and it is very embarassing when I cannot persuade my horse to canter on the first time around the ring. This especially bothers me when 9 year-olds are getting their horses to canter without a problem. :astonished:ops: I am exaggerating a little, but it’s still pretty embarassing.

So yeah, I really hope it rains.

By the way, we have a German exchange student now, and I have to convince her that it doesn’t rain all the time. :lol:

Hmm, it hasn’t rained to much here over the Summer. Now that it’s Fall it’s been raining alot more,odd really. It rained I think three times this week, but we got maybe an Inch of rain from it all. The lakes are staring to get back to where they’re supposed to be now.

Looks like the rains are over for New Jersey. That don’t mean that it won’t be cancelled though. Hopefully everything works out ok for you. Good Luck.

Would you like to send some rain to us? The pond down the road is soemthing like 3 feet below its level in spring. ;-; And it was below its normal level in spring already, lol. Weve had like 5 days of rain all summer.

Lol, sure u can have as much as you want. :slight_smile: Right around where I live, we’ve probably gotten as much as 11 inches in last 3 days. Some areas around here have received over 14 inches. So, ya, take some please, lol. :lol:

I’d love to take some rain off your hands too, if I knew how. :slight_smile: I love the rain. It seems like it’s been very dry here this year, though that’s just me being subjective.

Yea, it’s horrible over here. My trainer usually uses 25-50 bags of shavings a week. These past 8 days she has used over 100 because of the rain flooding the barn. Of course it decides to rain and flood the barn when shavings prices are sky-rocketing. :roll:

Yay! Now we shalt raid thy state and take thy rain for our selfish selves! :lol: We do need it though. We got like 2 weeks of clousds, 1 day of rain, and another 2 days of light drizzle.

Today was the first day in 9 that I’ve seen the sun. It was a sight. Quite painful to my poor eyes though, they forgot how to adjust to light! :wink: