Racing schedule


Also from October 11th onwards, there are 2 Race 1’s (both different), 2 Race 2’s, etc for each day.

Ah dates, how I hate thee…

(should be fixed now, albeit temporarily :slight_smile: still need to fix the underlying auto-update code)

I’ve also deleted all the invalid entries (for race days which should be in 2022) and refunded entry fees.

And I thought we were having 100 races that day

I would like to get us to 100 races/day, but that definitely won’t be happening in 2021. :wink: (Or, let’s be real, 2022.)

This seems to be happening again (not sure yet if it’s been posted on the bug site). When you click on “Enter Races”, you get an option for November 11, 2021 races (correct) and January 3, 2022 (incorrect and won’t let you enter). Just thought I’d give you a heads up!

Was going through the race schedule doing some planning for some of my horses, and I noticed that from October to December, no races show up in the schedule search, and they’re listed as 2021 races in the regular roster. Is this a known bug? I know we had issues with the end-of-year schedule last year.

It’s a known bug, it happens every year and every year I fix it manually. (And then swear I’ll try and fix the actual bug.)

Maybe this year I’ll do both. :wink:

Ahh, ok. Despite playing for a long time, I think this is only the second year I’ve been aware the race schedule even exists, so I never noticed that. RIP. >.<