Racing mares for sale...

There are 2 racing mares up for sale on the sale page. Ch.   A.P. Silver Star’s and Ch. Southen Royalty. :slight_smile:

congrats to Outlaws and Stillwater for their purchases.  Hope they do well for you in whatever you have planned for them. :slight_smile:

:frowning: Hope you got a good price for them! I was in and out of that page for the better part of the morning and never saw any horses for sale or any time limit on it… must be first come first served!!! >:(

There are no time limits for horses just regularily for Sale and not in an auction. Horses just for sale are first come, first serve basis.


Yeah sorry about that I just wanted to sell them but I am in the process of setting up an auction with  A LOT of fillies so keep your eyes peeled. :slight_smile: