Race Recap?

Can you tell me where I can get information on how to read these race recaps? (I dont know what the name is for them either)

Example of what Im talking about:
Horse 1/4 1/2 3/4 Stretch Final Finish Equip SF

       9) 4	   7) 2	  6) 2	   5) 13   4) 2	  4) 7 1/2	W	56

Hope that kinda helps :roll: lol

Those are the positions of your horse X), followed by the distance between it and the horse behind it.

So that horse was 9th at the quarter pole by 4L, 7th at the 1/2 by 2L, 6th at the 3/4 by 2L, 5th at the stretch by 13L, 4th at the final furlong by 2L, and 4th at the wire by 7 1/2L. Hence the labels at the top of the race results that read “1/4 1/2 3/4 Stretch Final Finish”.

Oh, and that horse wore Wraps (W) and had a speed figure (SF) of 56.

okay thanks so much!

Also, for whatever reason FF defines 1/4, 1/2, etc by the distance of the race. So in a 6f race a horse’s position at the half pole is 3f into the race.

Unless we changed that when I coded the racing program, but I don’t think I did…

No, we didn’t. I may change that for the revamp, but then you run into the problem of needing mass extra fractions for a 24f race, and not needing all the fractions for a 6f race, and so on.

Okay… I just can’t seem to remember for whatever reason… how many furlongs are in a mile? 12?

Close… 8 :wink:

So how often do you actually see a 24f race? I know I’ve personally seen 3 mile steeplechases, but I’m not sure about flat races.

If you search the schedule, you’ll see 1 24f race - The Grand National, run on June 11. There are also 2 20f SC races and 1 22f SC race.

Flat races only go up to 14f.

If you were referring to Real Life racing, I haven’t seen many flat races over 1 and 1/2 Miles. To be honest, I don’t think I have ever seen a 24 F race for flat racing.

America has more of an emphasis on shorter races with, as stated, about 10 furlongs being as far as anyone wants to push their horses. Once you get to Aussie and Europe however, it is not uncommon to have lots of longer races for what we call ‘stayers’ or simply distance horses. We have lots of MAJOR 16f, 15f, 14f, 13f and 12f races all year for this reason - examples being Melbourne Cup, Caulfield Cup, Sydney Cup, Brisbane Cup, BMW, Derby after Derby, St Legers…etc etc. Over in England/Europe they are even more mental with a lot of similar races to ours, but they also have races like the Ascot Gold Cup [I think?] that go up to 20f over turf.

So yeah, hence why we have some longer flat races than some may be used too I guess! Interestingly, we only go to max. 14f on flat in the game, even though some races are in fact 16f. :wink: