Race Entry weirdness

I was trying to enter Tweeder in the Skyline Stakes for Weds. When I hit the enter button the screen says “7 horses entered” but only 4 names appear on the list – none of which is Tweeder (in either the entry screen or the post parade). If I try and enter Tweeder again it says that Tweeder is already entered. If I look at my Training summary it shows Tweeder as entered. If I look at Tweeder’s horse page it does not show him as entered.

I entered other horses in other races, no problem.

That was due to horses not having any equipment on. Should be fixed now.

Well, it seems mostly solved as Tweeder appears in the post parade now. However if I look at his horse page, I get some of the information (though not the next race entered) and the following error message:

You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘’ at line 1

Don’t worry, I didn’t take it personally, I knew it really wasn’t my syntax.

Let me know if you still see this problem…my horses show up fine regardless of whether they’re entered in a race or not.

I have noticed that my horses that are entered in a race with no equipment are getting the Syntax error thingy. Hope that helps.

Should be fixed now. :slight_smile:

I have noticed that there are a few horse in races that perhaps shouldn’t be there in the next race meet.

Race 11 NW3 Allowance 3yo+
IbeleiveICanFly is a yearling

Race 12 NW3 Allowance 3yo+
Raindrops On Roses and Dreamweaver are both 2yo

Race 24 Sweet Embrace Stakes 2yo
Risk Away is 3yo

Yeah, the script was wildly on crack and was thinking it owned every horse in the game for a bit there. :roll:

It’s back on track now, though.

:lol: That was a very amusing way of putting it, Shanthi

I am all about inanimate objects/beings being on psychotropic drugs. :wink: (Sometimes animate objects, too…my horse, for instance :roll: )

Haha, I think that about my computer and my horse all the time too. Especialy my horse :roll: