quick, stupid nominations question

All right…since I’m still relatively new to this stud thing, I’ve got a pretty silly question.  Not a big thing that needs to be dealt with, since it’ll be 2 years before this becomes a real concern.  I know you’re pretty busy dealing with other things, Shanthi.

I’ve nominated both my boys for the Breeder’s Cup (actually did this twice…whoops!  Should I be allowed to do that?)

Dark Continent
High Chances
Tickled Pink (HC yearling mentioned later)

Date  Description  Amount  Balance
2013-01-01 Breeders’ Cup Stallion Nomination: Dark Continent - 2014 Foal Crop $100,000
2013-01-01 Breeders’ Cup Stallion Nomination: High Chances - 2014 Foal Crop $100,000

2013-01-14  Breeders’ Cup Stallion Nomination: Dark Continent - 2014 Foal Crop  $100,000 
2013-01-14 Breeders’ Cup Stallion Nomination: High Chances - 2014 Foal Crop $100,000

Yes, stupid hurts.  At least it does the pocketbook.   :P

Anyhoo, the reason why I nominated the boys twice was a) I had forgotten that I had already nominated them and b) on the stallion page for both Dark Continent and High Chances it says: “This stud is not nominated for the Breeders’ Cup for 2014”

Okay… well, Dark Continent won’t have anyone eligible for the 2014 cup, but High Chances will.  So, I head over and check one of my HC yearlings’ nominations, Tickled Pink.  It says she is nominated for the BC.  YAY! 

I would like to make sure that my boys’ 2014 crop IS nominated for the Breeder’s Cup.  I have clearly not been paying the right person to ensure that this is the case.  Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to pony up another $200k to pay the right person. 

Or is this one of those things where the message will change after the nominations close and I’m just stupid?

I hope I’ve explained myself clearly…

I’ll look into the double-nominate thing.  It should say “Already nominated” after you’ve nominated once.

Nominating your stud for the 2014 BC does nothing, really.  All it does is allow your stud’s 2014 babies to be eligible for nomination themselves for lifetime BC nominations.

So, by you paying $100,000, you allow all the owners of the mares who breed to your boys the chance to lifetime nominate your boys’ babies for $5,000 as weanlings.  It also gives them a cheaper rate for late lifetime nominations if they don’t do it when the babies are babies ($150,000 vs. $250,000).

So both of your stallions will have 2014 foals who might need/want nomination for the Breeders’ Cup (assuming anyone breeds to them, which obviously people have/will :wink:).  The fact that their foals may not be old enough to race in 2014 is completely irrelevant (that’s relevant for you as a breeder for the Breeders’ Series, but not the Breeders’ Cup).

I took a look at my stallion pages also and they are stating “This stud is not nominated for the Breeders’ Cup for 2014”.  It still shows in my budget that I have paid for nominating all three, however. I nominated Nightfight and Devil His Due on January 1st and As You Wish on January 5th. 

Nightfight (http://www.finalfurlong.org/viewhorse.php?horse=1213)
Devil His Due (http://www.finalfurlong.org/viewhorse.php?horse=1860)
As You Wish (horse=1860http://www.finalfurlong.org/viewhorse.php?horse=1760)

Also, I don’t know if this may have anything to do with this but on all my horses the “View Nominations” button is gone.  Though, my Breeders Series nominations are fine.  This is just more of an FYI so you may be able to find what is making the prob. Let me know if you want me to check on anything else for you.

Same case with my stallys… I have the records saying I paid to nominate both of them yet their pages say that they havent been nominated

The fact that all of you are having this problem means it’s not just you.  It also means I now know about it 150 times over, so I really don’t need a bunch of messages confirming that every stallion owner sees this problem.  I’ll fix stuff as I get to it.

I’ll look into the view nominations thing, too.