Hey guys,
This is largely

directed to Shanthi and Andrea, the PHP coding goddesses of FF; However, I was

wondering… The breeding page… is there anyway, since you guys have succeeded in

making the stallion rankings dynamic, that you could implement a leading broodmare sires

list? Would that be possible?.. It might also improve value, especially in the auctions, of

broodmares… One last suggestion, and I’m not sure how you would go about doing this… but

I think it would be cool to know the leading money earner of the sire (or broodmare sire…

but I’d suggest posting who the racer is by on the broodmare sire page, and I don’t know if

that could be dynamic)…
Anyway, not wishing to make more work for you… however, I just

thought it would be neat. It might also put some interesting names on the list, or give Rogue

something else to dominate… :wink:

Thanks again for entertaining a girl with grandiose