Question I need Help With

What is A SF Number And What Does The Equipment Letters Stand For, THANK YOU.

(S)hadow ®oll
(F)igure (8)… head halter
(N)o (W)hip

I think you’re referring to Speed Figure…and basically the higher the more amazing your horse is. :slight_smile: They are based off how many lengths the winning horse won by and the quality of horses the winning horse beat compared to his own quality(like an allowance horse beating a bunch of stakes winners by 20 lengths would get a pretty high speed figure). I believe that they go down from the winner in how many lengths the 2nd horse lost by, then how many lengths the 3rd horse lost by etc. I’m not positive on that though but I know its related to how badly they lost.

I believe the SF number is sort of like a Beyer speed figure for FF horses (though I think it is calculated somewhat differently). As a general rule, a high number indicates that your horse did really well, either setting or keeping up with a fast pace. A low number doesn’t necessarily mean he did poorly, however, as the number is adjusted for the type of race (a Gr. 1 race will have different figures than a claiming race). And, as Jade said, the ‘base’ number for the race is assigned to the winning horse, and then the figure assigned to the other horses is determined by how many lengths they finished behind the winner.

You can find more information about SF in the FAQ under Racing / Results.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, that’s a good point Nan made, if a MSW awesome horse enters an open allowance against non SW and wins…well, he didn’t do anything all that special since he’s obviously accomplished the same at high levels against other SW and so he might receive a low SF which will also give all the horses that finished behind him a low SF. So yeah, a low number isn’t necessarily bad.

Thanks everyone for the information.