Purse when horse is claimed

I recently entered a twenty five thousand dollar claiming race with a horse that I had trouble getting into the winners circle.  The horse was claimed and I received the twenty-five thousand credit, however, lo and behold the horse won the race but i did not receive the winners amount.  A half century ago this was the claiming procedure however to day you  lose the horse but receive the win place or show money, etc .,  Maybe some of you players have had a similar experience and i would appreciate your advice.

lee warnock  Sunshine Coast Stable

This is a known bug.


now that we know this is a known bug can u SHOW ME THE MONEY.


Shanthi’s said numerous times that purses from 1/20 and 1/24 will not be retroactively fixed.  The bug was fixed to prevent it being a problem in the future, however.