Problem with energy

Hey Shanthi,  :slight_smile:

I know that horses can have low energy for a long time but my mare Derby Appeal is still at an F and I haven’t touched her since 5/19. She hasn’t fluctuated at all but has consistently remained at an F.

I’ve been patient I swear! lol But the longest I think I have had to wait for any of my other horses was about a week and a half so I really think something might be wrong. I think she may have a little bit of talent otherwise I’d just say screw it but, if you could take a look at it I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!!  :smiley:


If you want her to regain her energy faster, send her back to the farm.  If you’re not racing her, it’s pointless to keep her at the track since that (gradually) lowers her natural energy.

Also, obviously, don’t do any workouts on her.  That will help her regain energy faster.  (Or, rather, it will prevent her from losing more energy.)

Ohh, I think I’m starting to understand. (took me a while, huh?) I had thought that horses still regained NE at the track, just at a slower rate. But, the way to regain NE is at home? That makes sense. That solves a lot of slow energy behavior going on around here.  :wink:

Thank you for that tip! I think it finally clicked!  ;D

I’ll ship her back to the farm but I haven’t done anything with her, workouts included.

Then she probably had a very hard race in May, possibly with already low energy.  I’ve already stated at least a dozen times that, unless you do something with your horse (race/train/ship), energy will never go down just by it sitting there in its stall.

To be totally clear… the energy ratings on the pages you see have absolutely nothing to do with a horse’s natural energy.  I could be wrong, but I don’t think NE levels affect regular E levels/gain at all. 

Yes, I knew that one, if it’s true.  :wink:  It’s just that, if I’m right, energy regain is much slower when there is low energy? I thought the low NE signs were:

  • jockey’s low energy comments
  • slow energy regain

Maybe I’m wrong?

No, horses can have a slow energy regain rate regardless of natural energy.  Low natural energy just means that everything a horse does costs it more energy than usual, so energy will drop faster.

Jockeys have comments about energy and natural energy separately.

Hm. Okay. I’ll work this all out soon. I’m a bit on the slow side. I think I’m getting closer!

Can something about energy be added to the FAQs? I couldn’t find anything about it there, and I was wondering why my horses have done nothing in the past week and a half and still have no energy. I finally found this thread, and now that I have I’m heading over to ship them to the farm.

Thats a good sugestion because i didn’t know any of that deal of info!!