Pre entered horse unable to ship

Don’t know if this is a bug or not but here goes.
I entered a 2yo horse (Bay Runner) using the future entries page to see if it worked with 2yos and the possibility that there would be a huge number of would be runners. I entered her shortly after the 15 March.
She was shown as an up and coming entry on the scheduled entry page.

Scheduled Entries

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Date Horse Track Race Equipment Auto Enter Options
Apr. 3, 2023 Last Highlander Australia 5f (Dirt) NW2 Allowance, 2yo, $30,000 B SR W F8 NW Yes No
Apr. 3, 2023 Bay Runner Aqueduct 5f (Dirt) NW2 Allowance, 2yo, $20,000 B SR W F8 NW Yes No
Apr. 3, 2023 Call of the Sea Woodbine 5f (Dirt) Maiden, 2yo, $15,000 B SR W F8 NW Yes No
Apr. 6, 2023 China Roses England 5.5f (Turf) NW1 Allowance, 2yo F, $10,000 B SR W F8 NW Yes No
Apr. 6, 2023 Citizen England 5f (Turf) NW2 Allowance, 2yo F, $30,000 B SR W F8 NW Yes No
Apr. 6, 2023 Enigmatic Aqueduct 6f (Turf) NW1 Allowance, 2yo F, $15,000 B SR W F8 NW Yes No
Apr. 10, 2023 Waiting For Night Woodbine 5.5f (Turf) NW3 Allowance, 4yo+, $35,000 B SR W F8 NW Yes No
Apr. 13, 2023 Sunday Afternoon England 6f (Turf) NW3 Allowance, 2yo, $35,000 B SR W F8 NW Yes No

Today the sable overview page showed her as not entered and when i checked it said she could not be entered in time

I have never had this problem with any other horse as i always ship when the horse is entered.
I may have done something wrong without realising which is why I can’t be sure its a bug.
also if a horse gets rejected because there are too many horses I wondered if this was the default message.

I can’t say if it’s a bug or not, but the race you had pre-entered her in still has 2 slots so she wasn’t rejected due to too many horses.

And now she has no up and coming races :frowning_face:

Auto entry says it entered 4 horses

stable info says only 3 - sunfire is missing

Automated Entries: 1 horse has not been entered to race on April 3, 2023.

Automated Entries: 4 horses have been entered to race on April 3, 2023.

Your stable has 3 horses entered to race on April 3, 2023.

Sunfires training schedule shows him with A/A fitness/energy but no entry
He is not entered.

:frowning: Sorry this is acting up for you.

I’ll look into it, but won’t have time this week as I’m traveling for work and in meetings constantly.

Can you let me know next week if it’s still doing funky things and I can look at it with current (at the time) horses/entries?


fine, hope this is a one off but will let you know if there’s anything else

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I’ve had the same issue, also with 2yos. Older horses don’t seem to be affected.

Well at least it’s not me doing something stupid :blush:
Just realised Wild Highlander never got sent either although the script never notified me. Think I’ll have to enter them the old way.

I’m having a similar issue, sort of. I had a horse (The Red Romance) that was at home, and was not entered because they were “Unable to ship horse to track.” For the record my stable is by Saratoga and the race is at Aqueduct, so we aren’t talking long distances by any means.


I had another horse “unable to enter due to qualifications” but I entered her manually no problem.

And lastly Jaya is still listed as future-entered to race, but it doesn’t say she’s unable to ship or even that she was ever on the list, but it shows up on her page and on my training page. So I entered her manually.


Re: The Red Romance, looking at the code it seems like auto-shipping was not selected, so auto-entry didn’t work because he wasn’t at Aqueduct when the script ran.

I can’t debug Jaya as she’s now entered to race, which would have deleted any future entry info.

Sounds good! I will keep an eye out for issues and not be so quick to self correct.