No, it isn’t the

bigger they are the harder they fall. It’s the smaller they are the harder they fall.


Was riding this pony I’m campaigning for this year and she was having a

hissy-fit. She decided to rear, but then fell down…on me. Long story short, I can barely

walk now, she screwed up my hip but good.

It seems the smaller they are the more it

hurts to fall off, for me at least. My own horse has fallen on me twice and I walked away

perfectly fine, but throw a pony on me and I can’t walk. Ironic isn’t it?

Those annoying ponies! :lol:

I think the problem is the t they’re chubbier than horses. And they’re much less


It would seem like the

smaller they are the smaller their temper…o.O my neighbor has a couple of ponies…boy are

they fun X3 I’v had my fair share of spills both on pony, and horse.I’d have to agree is

hurts more to fall off a pony.

You should maybe invest in

one of those body things like cross country people wear O.o That’s bad luck, I hope you feel

better soon!

Ouch, my Arab’s around 15

hh, I’m counting my self lucky that I was to tall for that sweet little Welshie 5 years ago!

Hope you feel better! :slight_smile:

Well just got back from the

hospital…just a very deep bruise. Thankfully. :-x

Ooh, that must hurt! :shock:

Well while you were in the hospital i was watching all the pretty horsees at the Junior

League Horse Show. :twisted:

That kinda happened to me

once, fell off a horse and landed on my hip, doctor was afraid it was broken but did X-Rays

and it was just a deep tissue bruise. Needed crutches for about 5 days and then for several

years afterwards my hip would go out like an old lady! lol, and I was only 12!

Yea, they were thinking I

dislocated it, luckily I didn’t. I was actually able to walk come sunday. And by monday I

was walking without a limp.

We figured out that something was bothering her, she has

never done anything like that before. Today she was perfect, something made her cranky.

Mine does that even before I messed it up and bent my spine ^-^

It happens alot when I ride, it will just fall out of place and I have to pop it back in

while on horseback.
I bent my spine at a horseshow. I was on an old half blind mare and

someone waved something and she sent me flying and I got wedged under a gate. Oh yeah, she

was 14.2 hands high so she was technicaly a pony lol. Evil ponies :twisted: