POLL: Dubawi/Frosted/Knicks Go (Famous Studs 2026)

These boys were tied for the 9th/10th famous stud spot, so here’s a run-off poll. Feel free to vote for 1 or 2 studs to be our 9th and 10th famous studs in 2026.

  • Dubawi
  • Frosted
  • Knicks Go

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Excited to have Knicks Go in the game!

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Knicks Go


Also Frosted is retired, and I deleted a few foals that were bred for 2027. So if you see your mare unbred and she went to Frosted, that’s why.

Question regarding real stallions: do they get uploaded in the script with indication of their real running preferences or is it just a big gamble as to what kind of foals they will throw - more so than FF horses?

Bit of both. :wink: The script takes into account the type of runner they were (dirt, turf, and/or jumps), but it also does a decent bit of random numbers as well. But they should lean towards what they did in real life.

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That makes sense, thanks for the quick answer!