POLL: Combine 3yo/Older SC Horse of the Year?

Combine the categories?

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So we’ve been doing 3yo SC Colt/Filly of the Year, as well as Older SC Horse/Mare of the Year. This seems a bit redundant, and the 3yo categories always have very few qualified horses since most horses swap to jumps at/after age 4.

Should we combine the categories into one SC Male/Female of the Year set? It would still include any standout 3yos, but would also prevent voting for a category with only a couple of SWs in it.

At the moment, 4 people have voted no. Care to elaborate on why? I’d rather this be a discussion more than majority wins (but may go with that in the end :wink:).

I voted Yes because of what Shanthi said. It seems to make sense.

Most of the horses that I have switched to SC have been at 4yo or above, although I do have a couple of 3yo that I switched because they were doing hopelessly badly (unfortunately, most of them haven’t shown any better form over jumps than they did on the flat).

Anyhow, if there is a year when we (FF) do have a number of good 3yo Sc’ers, I’m sure that Shanthi can reopen the 3yo SC Horse of the Year categories.

I voted “No” because I like having the option.  If I decide to switch a horse to jumps as a 3yo it’s nice to know that they may get recognized if they are good with out having to compete with the seasoned veterans. 

I like the idea of reopening the category if there happens to be a nice group of 3yo’s in a year.

I had a 3yo I i did not know was up for an award but I switched him after his first couple of races. I prefer having a sep. category as we now have jump trials so we have the option of not waiting for 4

I voted no because with jump trials I am switching horses to SC much sooner. I’ve already switched 3 (I think?) of my 3yos to SC because they ran poorly on the flat as a 2yo and after a few jump trials have shown promise…

With that said, I also like the idea of running it as one category if there isn’t enough ‘qualified’ horses (maybe make a minimum number of stakes wins to qualify?) in the 3yo category but if there IS a number of highly qualified 3yos and 4yo+ horses then I dont think they should be grouped together so maybe play it by ear?

I have a list of 3yos I’m going to trial this week due to lack of performance at 2 to see about switching

So it looks like majority votes for one category.

However, I’m fine with defaulting to one category, and if it looks like it needs trimming anyway (e.g. there are more than 5 equally nice horses), I’ll see if (in that year) it makes sense to re-create a 3yo category. (Obviously if all the top horses are 4yo+ then it still wouldn’t make sense.)

Thanks for the input, everyone. :slight_smile: