POLL: 2028 Famous Studs

See here for details on the suggestions for new studs: 2028 Famous Stallions? - #11 by AllegroThroughbreds

Polls have a max of 20 options so I’ve left off the existing 10 famous studs. Once this poll ends I’ll pick the top 10 and run them against the existing 10, hopefully to pick our final 10. :slight_smile:

  • Afleet Alex
  • Big Brown
  • Blue Point
  • Bricks and Morter
  • Cody’s Wish
  • English Channel
  • Flightline
  • Hard Spun
  • Japan
  • Justify
  • Kitten’s Joy
  • Maurice
  • Midnight Lute
  • Sky Mesa
  • So You Think
  • Street Sense
  • War Front
  • Wootton Basset
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Thanks @Shanthi! Quick note that I Am Invincible was also nominated but missed.

Of those listed here, Afleet Alex was pensioned in 2022, Kitten’s Joy died in 2022, and English Channel died in 2021.

Thanks Shanthi,

Just a point of interest, it’s actually Bricks and Mortar, not Bricks and Morter.

BTW - When does this poll end?

Ahh :woman_facepalming: That’s what I get for being lazy and not actually checking on the new names to see if they were still standing/alive.

I can’t modify the poll anymore but I’ll add I Am Invincible to round 2. And obviously the 3 non-active studs will be ignored in the results.


As far as I can tell the forum software doesn’t auto end polls (maybe there’s a plugin I can find for fancier polling) but as 15 people have already voted, let’s say it goes until end of day Saturday, Jan 6. (Someone please ping me on Monday if I haven’t set up the new poll yet, I tend to spend weekends mostly offline.)