[Poll] 2015 Famous Studs (Round 2)

2015 Famous Studs

  • Sea the Stars
  • Ravens Pass
  • Smarty Jones
  • Sun King

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Sea the Stars
(great-grandsires Danzig and Mr. P)
2006 stallion, Cape Cross x Urban Sea (Miswaki)

Do we now have a round 3 to break the tie? Lol.

Sigh. No.

I voted for Ravens Pass. Since he wouldn’t get in if Smarty Jones does, I’m going to play the game dictator card and say Sun King goes in. (And if I’m lucky, Ravens Pass will get voted in next year :wink:)

How did Sun King get in with no Grade One wins? I think we should exclude as he doesn’t meet general FF rules?

Someone suggested him. Enough people voted for him in round 1, so he made it to round 2.

Given that we had The Black, who isn’t even a real horse, I think we can let the Gr 1 thing slide for famous studs.

Ahh cool. The Black is fake?! :-\

From the Black Stallion series by Walter Falter  :wink:

Not to mention, the suggestions were made on January 2. If you felt strongly that a certain stud shouldn’t be considered, you had plenty of time between then and now to say so. :wink:

Invasor and Sun King are now in the game. :slight_smile:

True. Didn’t register with me though as just had a quick look at best results before voting!

In that case…no vote, no complaining. :wink: (Or I suppose, “ill-informed vote, no complaining”.)

its Walter FARLEY not falter I had the whole series of books, along with flicka and misty series

…I knew that. I honestly did. I’m dyslexic and I read my own typing as “Farley.” I feel so ashamed >.<

I have most of the Black Stallion books and once upon a time, a good chunk of the Thoroughbred series until it became more Jumping and Hunter than racing.

lol I think The Black was supposed to be part arabian, wasn’t he? At least Sun King is a registered thoroughbred.

Yeah, his dam was pure Arab and his sire was…some half-wild miracle stud, if I remember correctly? I think he and The Island Stallion were supposed to somehow be distant cousins or something.

yeah something like that, he was stolen from some shiek and when the boat went down he and alec ended up on that island and the rest is history, lol , and i agree i got bored with it after i think the son of the black stallion, after that i didnt buy anymore. lol about the typo , i get that way when i am up at night with my insomnia, just thought maybe you rhymed it by accident, :wink:

I still have several of his books, including a first edition of The Black Stallion and two of his Little Black books. Great writer