Playing the waiting game...

As I eagerly await my acceptance to FF, I just thought I’d introduce myself to all the FF frequents. I would like to openly state that, thus far, I am quite impressed with the realism this game seems to possess and am quite excited to give it a whirl. After a succession of unrealistic and uninspiring SIM games, FF looks intriguing.

As my username suggests, my name is Reilly and I live in Washington State, near Mount Rainier. I own two horses, both Thoroughbreds. Tex is my main steed- my performance horse- and we compete in hunters and equitation at local shows. Evenstar is more of a family hack/trail horse, as she is simply not suited for the show ring. Riding and competing in horse shows is my passion and my life truly revolves around it- I cannot imagine doing anything else.

I’ll try to post pictures of my horses soon- they are saved to a different computer so it may take a bit of time yet before they appear.

I sincerely look forward to meeting everyone and becoming involved with Final Furlong!

Couldn’t agree with you more, there.  :slight_smile:

I love competing too, though I am a lot less experience than you sound. :wink: I compete with my horse at the local Fair, and we’re just now advancing from walk/trot to novice. I’m only 14 though, and we all have to start somewhere!

I know I’m a month late… I haven’t had time to catch up on the forum in quite a while! I hope you haven’t lost your interest!

Yes, welcome! I hope you enjoy the game!

Hey, me too! Good luck out there!