Pick Up The Pace

Since I have just started to tell my stories I won’t go back to far…I will just give a little about my barn and the horses in it.

Having well over 100 acres of pasture alone makes this stable a wonder to look at. Creeks running through the meadows of lush grasses. White vinal fences flowing over hills and along the road in. As soon as you turn into the driveway you come to a outdoor arena and the barns. One on each side. The one on the right has stalls attached to paddocks for broodmares and the babes. A large field behind this barn has three little yearlings and a weanling running around. Hoping to increase these numbers this year…even alittle :wink:
The barn on the left has the two year olds and the racers that are at home for rest. I currently have a few leased horses here for a long needed rest as well.
The mile long driveway ends at a house. There are two stallion paddocks waiting to be filled. One on each side.
In the broodmare barn three lovely mares poke their head out and nicker in welcome.
The first stall holds Tango Mango…a beautiful 16.3hh chestnut…she is due this year. Our first homebred foal. As a unraced broodmare we jumped at the chance to breed her to As You Wish. This  mare is getting bigger everyday. But we have a while to wait for this little one. Her booking is for As You Wish after she foals(again).

The next head you see is a bay 17.1hh Miniquest. We brought her in as a claim. I immediatly put her to broodmare status and as soon as the papers came back shipped her to be bred with Foolhardy. I think I was early…as she is due the 10th of January…please be on time :wink:

The next stall is a fiesty little girl. This 14.3hh liver chestnut was place as broodmare because instaed of focusing on a win she would attack the horses around her. She was multi placed, just no wins. As for her breeding it was no other than Highland Magic. This mare is due right on the first of January… :frowning:
I pray for a late foal.

As we pass the empty stalls towards the end of the barn we come to another door. It leads directly to the young pasture. In it right now are three yearlings and a little weanling.
I whistle loudly the little gallopers race right over.

The youngest and most cuddlly girl pokes her head past the older three. Nickering softly she comes over. This is My First Coffee. A dark grey 9.1hh weanling that was a reward for activity. I have hope for her.

The playful group of yearlings take off on a race between themselves. Not A Weed is my blue roan. Rounding the bend in the lead is Fear Of Failure my blood bay. Dash of Fight is the dapple grey that seems to have found something more intresting. :-\

Lets go to my other barn and I can show you the other horses.
Right now my only boy is Ancient Legend.He is currently at Aquaduct for a stakes race coming up. As a grey 16.3hh stakes placed boy I am hopeing to get him to stallion status. Either way I am proud of him.
Just reciently I sold my boy Storm Warning. I loved him to death but unfortunatly I do not have the funds to keep entering him in stakes. With this boy also. So I kept the youngest of the two. :'(
This barn is currently holding 6 leased horses here for rest before thier next season.
Black Ice, Secret Ritual, and Sparkling River are from Darkwood Stables. I also then have Dixie Probe, Edinbrough, and LilMissBlueBlood from Foxhill Farm Racing Stable. I was given the ok to race them alittle but I feel that a full rest will do them good. :smiley:
The rest of my stable is girls. I need to look at getting a boy…maybe at the two year auction??

Right now at my local track I have my 2 only 2 year olds training. My young blood is a 14.1hh black filly Zee-Black. With her lines truly unknown it will be intresting to see her on the track. My most excited bay girl is Equalizer. She currently only stands at 14.1hh and should be atleast 15hh I think to expect better next year?? Either way she is out of GCh. Akhetnaten and the mare Ch. Heartache. Her lines excite me alot ;D
I have 4 three year old girls that I hope to run well this year.
First is a girl that is unplaced. She stands at 16h and is a nice liver chestnut. She is quite friendly but does not seem to have much compitition in her. I might try her at SC this year if she keeps it up.
Ribbon De Jour is my newest girl to arrive. I bought her from Rustic stables for 5000. She just was not winning for him. She stands at 16.1h and is a beautiful mahogany bay. She to is unplaced and I have switched her to SC for her third year.
My red chestnut that stands at 16.1h and also was taken by claim. She to is unplaced but hopefully I will get her going for her third year.
Sephalica is another tall girl standing at 16.3 and is a bay with unknown lines. She too was a claimer. She has won once in 7 starts so this year should be better!

Well you are welcomed to stop by anytime and have tea and coffee…I usually have fresh baked cookies he aswell. Then I can show you my barn…maybe ride the fields on one of my girls…

I think I will come over for the coffee and cookies. :smiley:
Think you will sell any fillies to me?? :stuck_out_tongue:

A light snow sprikles over the farm while the edge is on for the Stakes race coming up. Will he performe?? The nickers in the mare barn relaxes the mind as the water and evening feed is done. The yearlings and weanling are called in for the night. Bucking in the stalls playfully feeling the warmer weather in themselves.
Over to the other barn, filled with the boarders just brought in for the night, is just as relaxing. They too welcome the feed. A couple of them are on a reduced feed with the exuberant energies they show. I don’t want them to injury themselves. I stand and pet Edinburgh. I have gotten a soft spot for him. He is the most behaved of the boarders… :wink:
Slowly I walk back thinking of the day to come. What will be the news?? I close my eyes looking up at the sky, letting the snowflakes melt on it. Peace.

Glad Edinburg is behaving well for you, he is my favorite.  Sorry about Dixie and Lil Miss do waht ever you have to do to control them hehe

I just finished getting my friends in for the night, settling down to a cup of tea when the phone rings…
I sigh, getting up knowing what it was…the results of todays races.
“Ok, I’ll start with the girls…Sephalica…dead last.”
“Ship her home for rest.”
“Phoenix Park, are you ready?”
I take a deep breath.
“Second last.”
“Ship her home for rest as well.”
“Then your boy.”
I take a deep breath holding it in.
“He finished 6th. Held strong. And he is ready for the rest home like you sugested.”
I let it out. No good news this time…it leaves only my trainees at the track…no racers.
“Hold on…one more thing.”
Great an injury…was all that whet through my head.
“Your claim came through. Distinct Point is yours. What do you want me to do with him?”
Distinct Point was mine. I could hardly hold it in. He is a 2009 17.7hh chestnut colt. Pedigree…He is out of WCH. What’s Debatable(s) and Pretty Distinct(s)
“I do not know right now…let’s talk when you get back!”
I hang up…3 more coming home for rest and one new boy with a great pedigree to boot!!!
How can I sleep now?
What should I do with him…time to look at his races! :slight_smile:

Well, my new boy is going to do a couple of races before he gets rest at a local stable. I think I am going to send my two girls home as well…give my two year olds some rest from training before they race. I have decided to add another weanling to my stable I just have to pick the one I want… :stuck_out_tongue:

An other run of races have come and gone, my boy came in 5th. He did well since he is doing races just so he can be leased for rest…
While I was playing with my yearlings the sound of a truck rummbled into my driveway. He is here!!
You should see this boy. The smallest in the barn for racers. He stands at a whooping 14.3h. His bay coat gleamed with sweat with his nerves causing him to tremble. A son of War Admiral and Run A Numbers Game he was switched to SC. Hopefully soon the papers and racing commissionaires will allow the switch back. He most definatly is a flat racer.
A loud nicker from Ancient Legend with a response from Numb3rs made me decide to try them together. First they will go side by side. Watching the for 3 hours and no problems I approached Numb3rs pen. Hooking a lead to his halter I lead him into Ancient Legend’s pen. They played like long lost bros. It was great. Rare, but great. Hopefully this will help Numb3rs get back into his game.

Well finally sent some of my girls out to race…hopefully soon we’ll see some income.

Well, I did it I bought a unknown weanling line. This little filly will keep my other filly company. Now to decide who to ship and race… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it has been awhile since I wrote here…time to catch up…there has been many selling and buying so I think I will just write about my horses now!

Ancient Legend- Still at my stables.He never did make it enough for stallion status. I gelded him this year and I have placed him for sale. I am sad to see him go. I hope he runs better this year!

As You Side Step- This is my first home bred foal. Yes Tango Mango had her foal! He is now a yearling standing at 13hands and a gorgous black. I changed her next breeding to FoolHardy instead.  I have high hopes for this colt. I will never sell!

Bird Song- This is a girl that I claimed just last year. Standing at 15.1, this three yaer old is a beautiful blood bay. She is a great filly but just not showing me the runnings. She has only ran 11 times though. I am giving her a good chance this year. She has really good lines. However I belive she maybe better as a broodmare… This is her year to prove me wrong!

Celtic Fern- This 4yr old mare is a half sister by sire to Bird Song. She stands at 17 hands and is a nice strawberry roan. This will be her last race season unless she proves to be more as a mature horse. If not at the begining of 2014 she will be placed into broodmare status.

Dash Of Fight- One of my chance buyings. Now a 2Yr old filly and one of my three starters this year. Standing at 16.2 hands a cute dapple grey. So far a dream at training. I hope the races go well this season too.

Elsie The TigerEls- A cute little brown yearling filly already standing at 14.2 hands. Always a playful girl in the paddock. This is another one of my chance buys. Showing a very strong love of running. Wait for next year for this ones start.

Equalizer- Well my excited girl. I still love her. Not a bad start of 47 000 brought in. SInce I did not race her to her full potential she did well. Just got off some rest and is heading into a race. I have high hope still from this little girl.

Equine Perfection- A 3yr old filly standing at 15.2 hands and a bright red chestnut. She was just claimed from a race for 15k. I could not help it since she is one of my creations (pedigree). Since she also came in 3rd I expect she will be a great addition to my stable.

Fools Quest- My weanling colt. A sweet little bay. One of a few for 2013 to be foaled this year. Cute guy with nice temperment. And not to mention a Foolhardy foal!

Magic Memory- A sweet grey weanling filly. One of a few for 2013 to be foaled this year. A shy girl with a friendly additude. She is a Highland Magic foal.

Mini Quest- One of my girls. She is a 7yr old broodmare. Just foaled Fools Quest and now in foal to Worth My While.

Misremembered- Another one of my girls. She is a 5yr old broodmare. Just foaled Magic Memory and now in foal to Crystal Rainbow.

My First Coffee- One of my fisty yearlings. This dark grey filly is an unraced family line. I got this filly with the hopes of not just a good runner but for new linage. Shows potential for the fences with many escapes already!

My Only One- An other one of my yearlings.This mahogany bay filly is again an unraced family linage. I picked this girl up the same time as Coffee. Now these to are best of buds, unless Coffee jumps the fence again. Thats when this girl rats her out with her whinnies of panic…

National Man- AN other one of my girls. This 6yr old broodmare I just placed into broodmare staus. Her first foal is due next year from Highland Bandit. Looks like a good match.

No Limits- This 17 hand bay 5yr old stallion I just purchased. He has 6 stakes wins and places under his belt under his belt already. He was raced only once last year so I am thinking with guidence, luck and the right races in the next couple of years I might get a stud out of him.

Northern Lightz- This girl is only on lease until I get a foal from her. The foal is out of I’m Your Angel.

Not A Weed- This 14 hand blue roan 2yr old filly is another starter this year for us. However, training is not going very well. This girl has a very strong head on her!

Ribbon de Jour- This 16.2 hand mahogany bay 4yr old mare is our only steeple runner for our barn. Since the switch this girl has done much better at the races.

Sephalica- One of my oldest runners, this 17.2 bay 5yr old mare will possibly be place in broodmare status this year unless she proves herself now.

Tango Mango- My oldest girl, this 10yr old broodmare  was our starting girl here. She has foaled As You Side Step and is now in foal to foolhardy for 2013.

That’ll Be The Day- This 15.3 hand liver chestnut 2yr old filly is another  starter for the season was purchased with hopes of a good money maker…Well here is the hoping!

Zee-Black- This 15 hand black  3 yr filly  had a short run time last season. No much won hopefully better this season with more focus on her to keep her running.

Well, I won another claim…Though I should add her in here. This girl was just beautiful to look at.
Savannah Belle
This is a true black. Not a speck of whit on her. She has never placed in a race but I think with concentration I can get it figaured out. Maybe she is not a flat runner? She stands at 16 hands so she has hieght on her. She does have a mild temper at oat time, but hey I do to when it comes to chocolate!!

Well a quick note before bed…Equalizer’s race has come and gone…Well she won…I know this is goning to be a good year for her!!
Well all the lights are off att he barn and the horses tucked in for the night…
Time for me…night!

Been awhile…been sooo busy!
My girl Equalizer is now at champion staus…I am excited how could I not be? As You Wish races this year…My first home bred babe…I am excited with this colt.

First race this year was a 6th place finish I knew it was a long stretch for Equalizer but I ran her anyways. Not a bad run for her…She is now entered in a stakes race for her next race!
I started the training of my 2 year olds at the local track…We shall see!

As You Side Step- This is my first home bred foal. Black and standing a 15.3hh…I have high hopes for this colt. Starts racing 2014. I will never sell!

Beowulf-2 yr old 15hh colt…bought by private sales…very happy with this colt…I see potential

Bird Song- 15.1hh Bay Mare ran better in her 3rd year, maybe good racing again.

Dash Of Fight- 17.2hh Dapple Grey Mare Great 2yr old racer hope for more on the up coming years…I hope the races go well this season too.

Endless Adventure- 15.3hh Dark Grey Mare I really liked her pedigree and she was bought a future broodmare in mind. And has been proving herself on the track lately as well.

Ch.Equalizer- 15.1hh Bay Mare I still believe I have a good runner with this girl! Now in Champion Status!

Equine Perfection- 15.3hh Red Chestnut Mare That was just claimed from a race for 15k. I could not help it since she is one of my creations (pedigree). Since she also came in 3rd I expect she will be a great addition to my stable.

Favorite Gem-16.3hh Brown Mare I bought this girl from 2013 auction. She still has not won but maybe she is just a late runner or maybe best with passing it to foals?

Fools Fruit- 12.1hh Black filly. Last to be born for 2013. Really looking forward to this girl. Tango Mango’s second foal in my barn.

Fools Quest- 14.1hh Bay colt One of a few for 2013 to be foaled this year. Cute guy with nice temperment.

Grand Prarie- 15.1hh Grey Stallion. Another of my sales/claims. Just one win under his belt…posible gelding this season.

Heliopolis- 14.3hh dark grey colt…bought from 2yr old auction…fresh from pasture still training…unplaced in his first year.I am thinking of SC?

Highway Blues-14.3hh Grey Colt Bought from 2013 auction. His build is great. I really think he will do well on the track. He has no racing pedigree but I seem to have luck with horses like this…

Joyful Noise-16.3hh Black Filly Still no wins under he belt but has many places…maybe this is her year!

Magic Memory- 13.0hh Grey filly One of a few for 2013 to be foaled this year. A shy girl with a friendly additude.

Last Chance Ahead-17.0hh Bay Broodmare Just had to buy…in foal with Turn N’Burn(2014)

Mini Quest- 17.1hh Bay broodmare Just foaled Fools Quest and now in foal to Worth My While(2014).

Misremembered- 15.0hh Liver Chestnut broodmare Just foaled Magic Memory and now in foal to Crystal Rainbow(2014).

My First Coffee- 14.2hh Dark Grey filly An unraced family line I got this filly with the hopes of not just a good runner but for new linage. Shows potential for the fences with many escapes already!

My Only One- 14.3 Mahogany bay filly An unraced family linage I picked this girl up the same time as Coffee. Now these to are best of buds, unless Coffee jumps the fence again. Thats when this girl rats her out with her whinnies of panic…

National Man- 17.1hh Dark Grey broodmare Just had a foal “The Nick Of Time” lined up to foal to Alley Cat(2015)

Northern Angel-13.3hh dark bay weanling filly…out of leased mare Northern Lightz and stud WCh. I’m Your Angel…she loves to run and so far even gives some colts a run for their money in the paddocks!

Outofmymind- 15.2hh Dark grey colt…bought at auction,again trying to up my colt population…lol…looks good so far though unplaced…

Ribbon de Jour- 15.2hh Mahogany Bay mare This is our only steeple runner for our barn. Since the switch this girl has done better. May switch to broodmare status…

Savannah Belle-16.1hh Black filly…claims win…doing well in racing

Silvery Moon-16.0hh Black broodmare…won from color war…in foal to Rumor Has It(2014)

Sunstrike-14.2h red chestnut colt Bought from auction. He has not had the best starts yet but I think with the right training I might get a turn around! SC for this year I think.

Tango Mango- 116.3hh Red Chestnut broodmare This was our starting girl here. She has foaled As You Side Step and Fools Fruit and is now in foal to Government Secret(2014)

That’ll Be The Day-16.2hh Liver Chestnut filly One win under her belt…ay have better this year…going to look into pedigree a little more.

The Commander-15.2 Mahogany Bay Bought this guy out of complete pity…I KNOW he can run…more training and who knows!

The Nick Of Time- 9.0hh Dapple Grey colt. The first to be born for 2014…right on the first too…National Mans first and very cute so far.

The One In Front- 15.2hh Brown filly A playful girl in the paddock. Showing a very strong love of running.

Tournamentofhearts-15.0hh Black filly Could not resist the urge to buy with her pedigree. I hope to get her to at least Champion status this year!

Zee-Black- 15.1hh Black Mare This girl had a short run time last season. No much won hopefully better this season.

Well that should catch you all up!

Well I am busy watching my mares in the foaling barn. I have one due tommorow and 1 over due…{was due on the second} the other was due today…
I am awaiting the arrival of my babes… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I bought another horse at auction. A bright energetic girl named Brocky’s Ace. She is out of GCh. Akhetnaten and Ms Crystal River. Yes another Akhetnaten girl. I could not resit with how well Equalizer runs.
My race results for today were less than happy…I am thinking it is time to retire some of my mares to breeding staus??
Well it is still start of the year so we shall see.
I have the vet coming today to check on my mares…one due today and 2 over dure now…I am worried but excited all the same…

I am still waiting for the 3 babes to be born…one is almost 2 weeks late! I am worried but the mares seem to be in good spirit!

Still no action in the foaling barn…I did however have action at the auction. I bought another girl…
[color=red]Brocky’s Ace- [color=blue]GCh. Akhetnaten x [color=red]Ms Crystal River
I am hoping she will be like Equalizer…I am running her the same so we shall see…
She is a lively 14.2hh Liver Chestnut…I am thinking she is small and needs more growing up…however…Equalizer also did better in her 3rd year so I am thinking the same…
I am so far stoked with her training results! I have also bred a mare to [color=blue]GCH.Akhetnaten…What can I say I like him! :stuck_out_tongue:
[color=blue]GCH.Akhetnaten x [color=red]Tournamentofhearts

B I C S P DI         CD
4 30 6 0 0 12.33 0.95

I think it looks like a great match! I hope it is!

Well it has been a week of ups and downs…We now have 2 beautiful weanlings in the stables…however, one of the mares passed on. [color=red]Silvery Moon was a win on color war last season. She had a strong colt born out of [color=blue]Rumor Has It.
[color=blue]Rumored Eclipse is a tall 10.0hh black boy.
As for good news [color=red]Misremembered foaled a fancy little filly out of [color=blue]Crystal Rainbow. [color=red]CrystalClearMind is a 9.3hh chestnut filly. So far both mare and filly are in good spirits.

I am still waiting for 3 foals to be born this season. Only one is over due…however…I can wait lol…I think