Phoenix Farms Dispersal Auction

Phoenix Farms is closing its doors at the end of the year, and must sell off some of its stock.  We are proud to offer 19 horses for sale, including Nation’s Colors.

The sale features a broodmare, racehorses of varying ages, yearlings, and a weanling.

Sale runs from Dec. 18 to Dec. 25.

View the auction here

Happy bidding!

It also includes stud qualified stallion Count Me In.  In case you’re looking for a stud. :wink:

Wow, definately some good horses!  I must say, I can’t wait for this auction!

Phoenix Farms is going away?  What a good chance to get some awesome horses though!

Yep, at the end of 2010, PF will be no more.  It was originally created as a “bonus” stable for Andrea and I to share, sort of our “payment” to ourselves for writing way too much code.  However, this year we’ve both slacked off on the horses owned by PF, and with the horse limits being raised in 2011, there’s really no need for us to keep Phoenix Farms around.  :slight_smile:

We’ve taken ownership (individually) of many of the horses we bred, but we’re happy to offer these 19 horses to Final Furlong at large.  :slight_smile:  Good luck bidding!

Some really good horses hope I can snag one or two.

I’ve had my eye on a couple of these horses for a while… I’m sure they are going to be out of my reach… happy bidding to everyone!

It looks like I won’t be getting any horses this time around (I wouldn’t be able to afford any entry fees for them afterward! :stuck_out_tongue:) but good luck to all, I would love to have any of those guys in my barn!

I’d really love to get a nice horse for myself, 'cause there’s a lot of them, but I don’t know. I think they’re gonna go for WAY over my budget though…

Bidding has begun…enjoy!  :slight_smile:

Nice to be able to get Nation’s Colors Shanthi, and I’m sure the money you’ll like as well for the trade, but I REALLY really wanted her too. ^___^ Very happy!


Glad you’re happy with her :slight_smile:.  We personally thought you guys were all getting a bit insane, but if you think you got a good deal, winners all around! :smiley:

Well we were getting a bit insane, but I really wanted her because of Nation’s Pride and got her and thats all that matters :slight_smile:


My army of Green Day named horses is continuing to grow! I fought for Timeofmylife (like in Good Riddance) and he will be joining Scattered, Green Light (meh. no connection, but the Green makes me happy ^.^), and the rest of the Wither Hawk gang.

Thank you, Andrea and Shanthi, very, very much! ;D

Lol, well it would have gotten even more insane if I had home internet access. :slight_smile:  I’m glad we’re all still happy though.  Congrats, Lindsay. :wink:

I agree… just a tad bit insane  :astonished: … lol

Just wanted to say thanks for the chance to bid on some really nice horses. I spent so much more than ever, and it sort of gave me the jitters to fork out so much knowing how long it took to earn. After my landlord informed me that Final Furlong dollars couldn’t be used for next month’s rent I decided to splurge.

I ended up with four 2yo fillies at a final price of $1,125,000:

[color=red]Admiral’s Colors by War Admiral out of NCh. Nation’s Colors $250,000
[color=red]Lady In Black by Black Knight out of Lady Luck $175,000
[color=red]Strike Out West by Red Sunset out of Vaudeville $200,000
[color=red]Times Square by Cross Roads out of Dixie Chick $500,000

They all went for the reserve price and not a penny more. So either nobody wanted them or I got a really good deal. Being the eternal optimist, I’m saying the latter. Truth is you just don’t know, which is why I’m so freaky about spending so much.

My account is now a fraction of what it was so it’s time to get these suckers in training! For where Jo-San Farm is in the game, it’s a great opportunity to upgrade my bloodlines. Now if I can just figure out the whole rent thing I’ll be golden! Thanks again.

LOL Don’t worry Jo-San, I at least wanted them (especially Times Square) but didn’t have deep enough pockets to afford 'em. :wink: They ought to turn out fine for you though, in my humble opinion. Congrats on scoring such pretty ponies. :slight_smile:

I have to agree with Nan… this year my pockets just weren’t deep enough for those fine fillies… any one of which I’d almost commit mayhem to have…

Iknow they will do great for you…

Foo… And I thought I had a chance of getting Badge of Honor.  Everytime the clock started counting down, someone would bid.  There were at least two times when there were three hours left.  Ah well, them’s the breaks. :wink:

Congrats to Winward farms.  Hope the bugger runs $650,000 worth of well.  ;-)  See you next auction!