Personalizing FF?

Hi all,

We’ve had a

rather sudden influx of new members. (Is it just me, or did we go from 70 members to 110+

overnight?) While it’s great that people are joining the game and interested in playing, I

don’t think I’m the only one to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the new faces. (And that

says something, given that I process all the new stables!)

So…suggestions for making FF

more personal? I will keep membership limited (I am still debating between 100 and 150 as a

member limit), but even 100 people is a lot to get to know.

Personally speaking, I love

the automation of FF. However, this obviously limits interaction somewhat since you’re not

e-mailing your entries anywhere, or necessarily even advertising horses for sale. While I

won’t take away any of the automation, I’m open to suggestions for how to make it work

towards personalizing FF more.

Personally[:P], I think the

game is fine. I seem to know a few people and am happy to know those few people. It’s quite

hard for everyone to know everyone when we’re all in different parts of the world and use

different programs to keep in touch [AIM is popular, but only about 20 people on my list play


I don’t know how you could personalise it any more than it is now. I mean, we all

check the forum and post stuff when we need to. ‘Handicapping’ and ‘How’d You Do’ posts

seem the most active. But, as we get closer to auction times I think it will perk up too.

Plus, whenever a stable has a fairly big sell-off people come out of the woodwork. And then

there is the colour war which seems to be working pretty well.

This post is kinda not

going anywhere, but I was thinking and thinking [my head hurts] and I just couldn’t come up

with anyway of personalising the game any more than it already is. I’m happy with how things

are going, so yeah… :slight_smile:

Oh, and yeah, limiting it to 100 members would be a good way to

keep it personal. Suck thing with that is with the amount of newbies that get discouraged,

the 2-3 months of inacitveness before they get booted might be a little long. I dunno…


I like the idea of keeping

membership limited, I think that if we got a whole bunch of members the game would become

impersonal like so many out there are. This is probably my favorite game just because it’s

easier to get to know other stables, and it feels more welcoming than anything else I’ve

played. I can’t think of any other ways to personalize it right now but I’m sure someone

else can.

I agree with the member

limit thing- I personally hate games that have hundreds (or thousands for that matter) of

people playing, because it’s SO un-personal. I think FF is a very good size, plenty big for

the races to pretty much fill up, but small enough that you can still get to know others. I

don’t have any new ideas popping out of my head, but I’ll definitely think about it!

I’ll have to pretty much

echo what folks are saying and post that I like things pretty much as they are. We’re

already given pretty ample chances to get in touch with people either on the forum or through

people’s contact info, so I think you can get just as personal or not, as your time and

comfort levels permit. About the only thing I could think of suggesting is maybe setting up

scheduled times in the chat rooms for folks to gather and perhaps introduce themselves. I

know that it was suggested that something like that happen on racedays, which I think is a

great idea…I just haven’t been able to pop in on it yet to see if anyone’s doing it.


Yes I agree with the limited


And i also was thinking that the level of absence before liquidation could be

modified. Since we want people to be more active then those who refuse to log in more, than

4 or 5 times a month should be eliminated to make room for a potentially more active players.

I think with the limited membership it will be feasible to be more harsh on peoples

activeness. But if the absence is announce to Shanthi then it would be okay…

I can’t

think of what else could be implemented with out taking away from the automation.

Jus a

lil’ ol’ thought from me. :slight_smile: :wink:

Limited membership is going

to be awesome! Everytime I look at that thing on the bottom of the forum, "Our Newest Member

is", it’s always different. So yea, limiting membership will

be great!
Otherwise, I can’t think of anything. :slight_smile:

Oh! Omg I got it! In

addition to keeping down the number of players, take a few questions that would be answered

in the F.A.Q. and make the applying new members answer them correctly to get in. I think this

would help with the problem of people asking the same questions over and over again, and if

there were only a few it wouldnt take long to check. :smiley: