Pedigree Submit Page Error?

I was submiting pedigrees for colts and I got this after one submission->

and this on another submission

Prior to the first one, it had noted that Pegasus was an already taken name and stopped without issue but it takes some exception to these, for whatever reason.

If it helps, the sire/dam of Overshadowed (sire), is Ice Age (sire sire) and Wedding Bliss (sire dam).

For Justified (dam) it was Possessive (as dam sire) and Sonadora (dam dam).

In the second questionable comment, Seven Down was sire, OhSeven was sire sire and IBuriedTheEvidence as sire dam.

Just thought I’d bring it up,


I have been trying for the last couple of days to submit pedigees. I can’t even access the page at all. The only message  I am getting at the moment is 503 service unavailable, server busy.
it may be possible but as i am mostly on site when i would expect the site to be quiet (Currently about 8.00 am your time and about 1.00 am your time the last time i tried) i wonder if there is another problem other than a busy server?

The script has an error in it.  When I get a chance, I’ll fix it.

Alright, I was just wondering :slight_smile: