When I read the handicapping

rules it said Final Furlong payed on a monthly basis. I posted what I earned but I don’t

have the money I earned. Am I missing something? :huh:

It takes Shanthi awhile

sometimes to add in the money, just be patient, you’ll get it :slight_smile:


I have paid all

of the other people for May handicapping, but I will pay you in

a week or so.

Just as a note: 1) I hate nagging 2) If I haven’t done something yet, it’s

generally because I’m busy, not because I forgot (since forgetting = option for people to


You’ll get your money…eventually.

Thanks, sorry if I was

nagging, just wondering waht happened. :slight_smile:

Um Shanthi, I sould really

use that money from May Handicapping now. :frowning: I know you’re probably too busy, but it’s a

bit on the late side. Just wanted to make sure you hadn’t forgotten, thanks! :smiley:

Jockey Girl, if you’ll look

just above your post, you’ll see Shanthi really hates it when people ask her to do things

like this. it’s best to assume she already knows (she is all-knowing, after all :wink: ).

like she said above, you’ll get your money eventually.

Sorry, I don’t have much


Well, perhaps you should get


Shanthi does enough for this game and people in this game without people moaning

about money. Don’t be so demanding.

Actually, I had forgotten for

a bit, but I was/am going to give you all of your money once I get a chance to award June

handicapping money. (Which should be today/tomorrow, so calm down.)