Password Reset Not Working

So, apparently I forgot my password. The session had expired on my phone and when I went to log in – realized I had no idea what it was. Sent myself a password reset from my computer (i.e. I’m logged in and go to Profile–> Preferences → Security → Send Password Reset email). I’ve checked my email and the spam folder but no luck. I’ve confirmed that the email I’ve used for FF is the inbox I’m checking.

So, on my phone (logged out), I type in my FF-associated email and request a password reset. No email, nothing in spam.

It seems like the smtp service (or whatever’s being used to send emails) is not working and the mail isn’t being relayed.

I think emails should be working now. Give a shout if not.

Got the test, the notification of the post and the password reset email. I think we’re good!

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