Packed SC Races

Is there a limit for the number of horses entered in a race? I have noticed that the SCs are filling up with a lot of horses. Would it be possible to add another SC race per racing day? I would like another option rather than either racing my horse in a very large field of horses where he has little chance of winning or not racing at all. There is only one race per day that he can be in.

Yeah there’s a limit of 14 in a race.

Okay good to know… Is there a possibility that the number of SC races can be expanded?

Possibly, but as has been stated many times, there are fewer SC races because there are dirt/turf races to run in, too. With a limit of 25 races/day and 2-5 stakes races per day, there are only so many SC races that can be run.

Suggestions on the race schedule were always welcome, and rarely received, so…deal with the schedule as it is, or make concrete suggestions (i.e. take out this race because there are 2 NWX allowances for 3yos at 8-9f on the same day, and swap it for a 10f SC NW2 allowance for 4yo+ F/M on ____ date).

Barring adding more races to the schedule (planned eventual goal is 50 races/day), the race schedule will NOT be changing.

In addition, SC races are pretty uncommon in real life and often have much, much smaller purses. Keeping a lower % of SC races prevents people from swapping their horse to SC just for the heck of it b/c it’s not doing well on the flat.

So even if/when we DO add more races, SC races will never be more than 10-20% of a day’s schedule.

Morning Star Farms suggested the following schedule changes. Please post if you have any strenuous objections to any of these proposed changes, and if no one does I’ll swap them in a week or so when I have time/energy.

The change on the 9th I think should also include a swap to 3yo+… 3yo SC allowances rarely fill.

And I think we should keep the race on the 16th a NW3 since I seem to recall people wanting more restricted allowances, or complaining about stakes horses running in allowances.