Oppurtunity of a lifetime...

Well, when my horse was injured we took her down to the conveniently local veterinary clinic. Well I’ve been working at this clinic, helping with horses and such. I’ve always wanted to work with racehorses and my bosses used to have quite a few good horses, one of their best being Sensitive Prince. Currently they don’t have any racers of their own, but they do get in quite a few racers. I’m hoping to eventually excercise the horses with Joan (owner), but since I’ve just started working there I’ve been taking care of the horses, helping Dennis with surgeries, etc, which is fun work in itself.

It’s so neat being there, they had rehabilitated Val’s Prince who went on to race at eight-years old and come in second in the BC, earning over $2 million in his career. A horse that just left, Image of Gold is trained by Allen Jerkins, and a horse that just came in F. Sixteen is trained by Jimmy Jerkins. It’s kind of wierd how I just stumbled onto this job.

And now, there are 45 of some of the best standardbred broodmares coming into the farm to be foaled out this spring, or bred. 15 of them  came today, the rest come in tomorrow and Wednesday.

It’s funny how these things come about. My horse was injured, I started getting homeschooled and because of that I can work at Sterlingbrook during the week. Talk about and oppurtunity of a lifetime.  :D

wow, that does sound awesome. Congrads and good luck with it