Old Racers

Hi all,

I was just thinking of all of the old horses I owned. If anyone could post just a short comment about there career or anything about them it would be great thanks:

Simply Heroic
Irish Flyer
Green Light
Untapped Talent

Well Irish Flyer is almost perfect consistency wise. He’s pretty much always in the money, except for his last couple of starts. He also has won a GI beating some top horses! :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s great . . glad to hear it.

You can search for those horses and check their race records, current owners, etc.

Yeah, I did that, I just wanted to see what their owners thought of them, a more personal view . . well as personal as you can get with a virtual horse.

Gotcha. Well, unfortunately, there’s no real “personal story” for the FF-owned ones…they’re automatically entered into races, and that’s the only time I see them. :wink:

well, who can blame you . . I’m sure FF has tons of horses.

Well Untapped Talent is just a little maiden runner right now. I feel he has it in him to be more just not sure how to bring it out. A little snip snip might do the trick. hehe :twisted:

lol . . by the way I LOVE your avatar.

HA…yeah it makes me laugh when I stare at it, and we all need a little humor in our lives. Not to mention I LOVED the movie. hehe

yeah i know what you mean . . my friends and I have seen it a billion times.

Simply Heroic what can I say multi stakes winner millionaire. A nice steady horse. I love the guy :wink: