Off (for two whole days!)

Hey guys, I’m headed off to Boston (MIT) for Tae Kwon Do collegiete nationals. So nervous! I haven’t fought since November, and even then it wasn’t a difficult fight. So, with any luck I won’t lose my first fight, and will at least continue the pattern I’ve set in recent years (fight to the finals and then lose or win two matches and then lose the third).

But, it’ll be good. So, wish me luck!

Good luck! Have fun. :slight_smile:

Wow! I didn’t know you did Tae Kwon Do… go kick some butt! :slight_smile: I hope you do great, and win all three matches.

Well, it was…um…an experience? And now I have a story to tell about why half my face is puffy and may or may not be turning purple. Took a crescent kick to the right side of my face and nose. Was able to finish the fight before I started gushing blood (though I did get a standing 8 count, which really sucked). They don’t think it’s broken, if anything just cartiledge damage. So, I’m about to head off to the library and will gauge the progress of the bruising by how many people look at me funny. :slight_smile: Got bronze for losing…erm, yay?

Next tournie is at Yale in early April. Gotta train hard and remember to move out of the way or block when kicks are coming at my head. Silly me.

But team-wise, we kicked serious but. Our colorbelt division is #1 in the nation, and we placed 3rd overall (our blackbelts always get slaughtered, though three of them were able to make it past their first fight). Some amazing fights yesterday, though. Too bad I couldn’t get any work done!