Odd entries for BS race

Description of Issue
The mare Faustine has been entered for: Race #46, 6.5 furlongs (Turf) With Approval Breeders’ Stakes, 2yo F, (Grade 2) $300,000 - Aqueduct
She does not seem to be qualified.


Not concerned about it other than it may have other mistakes in who can enter

I’ve removed her from tomorrow’s race, hopefully I’ll have time this weekend to look at the entry code and figure out why she was allowed in.

Sorry for entering her wrong! I just got confused with these qualifications and thought that if I can enter her than maybe she’s qualified :wink: I’m almost sure that I nominated at least some of my horses, but none are (or I can’t find which).

TBH I was able to enter non qualified horses when I used future entries page. The breeders series races showed up on the possible races of a couple of horses that I knew weren’t qualified. out of curiosity I clicked “enter this race” and it took me straight to the correct page and the horses showed in the drop down list. I did wonder what would happen if I tried to enter them but did not go through with it. However they never showed up when entering them in the race from the normal entry pages later.

I think the error maybe in the future entries script. I was thinking of trying Rainshadow in an SC before retiring him. when I looked in the future entries a BS SC race was showing up and as above I clicked on it. he was automatically entered even though it also said I had no eligible entries which is true. i enclose a screenshot to clarify. I have of course scratched him