Not All Auto Entries Running

I have about 8 horses that have not been auto entered for 1/22/24. All but 1 is at the track and I didn’t get an error message on the front page. For 3-4 I will be at max entries and their entries cannot go in until Monday anyway, but I thought it was odd regardless.

Is the Auto Entry system working?

I have noticed that while I have had a number of horses Auto Entry’d in recent weeks, none of them are actually being entered.

Aren’t these races that require nomination / qualification? You have to enter them manually. I still schedule them as a reminder.

Yeah as far as I know auto-entries don’t work for qualification required races. I don’t know where that thread went, but I think it’s in here somewhere.

I thought that it might be that, however, I think I’ve had some that weren’t in qualification required races.

I’ve checked the logs and auto entries appear to be working, if you have specific horse/race combinations that are wonky I can investigate further.