Not able to edit bookings for studs

Hi Shanthi,
I just noticed that I’m not able to edit/modify any bookings for any of my stallions. For open booking spots the checkbox to the left is missing(the same way it disapears when a mare is bred in that spot). I can select a stable for an open spot but once I select a stable and push Modify it brings me right back to the booking arrangement page and nothing has changed.

If the spot is open you have to click “Add Bookings”, not modify bookings.  If a stable is assigned, then you use Modify Booking to change the stable/mare/fee.

Ok, sorry I had forgotten what the correct button is called because I can’t see it, it has completely disappeared. The only buttons I can see on the arrange bookings page is the hypo button at the very top and the Modify and Delete buttons at the bottom.

If you look at the top, it says Strider has 31 mares booked.  You PMed me about this being wrong, but actually it is correct…he currently has 4 mares booked into his Feb 2 slots, instead of 2, 3 mares booked into his March 3 spots instead of 2, etc.  If the mares who haven’t bred to him in those spots cancel their bookings, you can use his actual free spots, but otherwise, the code knows he’s overbooked and won’t let you add more bookings.

Ok, very weird but thanks for taking the time to look into it. I’m not sure what to do about the problem though because I don’t know who those “extra” mares are. One mare in Feb 2 who had pre-reserved  in the Fall will hopefully be bred tonight, I PM’ed the owner so will that cancel the other 2 extra Feb 2 bookings since Feb 2 spots have all been bred at that point? As for the others, I didn’t know the code would allow ppl to book mares if a spot was taken, on Jan. 1st I went through and reserved the spots for all mares who had pre-booked with me in the Fall and since then the booking spots that weren’t reserved by me have been grabbed by others(which is great) but I guess its been a free for all grabbing spots that I thought had already been claimed and I only know about the first person who did it. My main concern with this is Cat (Cricket Hill) had a April 2 spot reserved, she thinks she may have deleted on accident so I was trying to re-add her stable but I’m not able to. She had reserved this spot way back in the fall so I changed Strider’s status last night to “requires approval” so I’ll know who requests a booking from now on and they can’t take Cat’s booking spot. I guess I’ll just wait until Cat is able to breed her mare since everybody else is locked in…I think.

lol I guess I should be happy, this is a good problem to have right? Sorta? lol sorry for being a pain…again!

If multiple people loaded the bookings form for him at the same time, they could feasibly both book the same “slot” and the code wouldn’t care.  I’ll try and fix that at some point, but it’s not a huge priority since most studs aren’t over-booking.

For Strider, the unbred mare IDs are:

Feb 2: 1343, 1967

Narch 3 actually had the same mare booked twice, so that’s been fixed, and he should be down to 30 mares booked.

Ok, thanks Shanthi, I’ll try to take care of that tonight! :slight_smile:

All fixed and back to normal (or rather as it should be, I’m going to leave him as “requires approval” so this doesn’t happen again)-thanks Shanthi!