No notifications about unsuccessful auto entries

My filly Satin on Steel didn’t get entered in a race on April 20th, although she is scheduled for auto entry:

Next race: Not entered
Scheduled race:
4/20/23 Aqueduct #38: 9f NW3 Allowance for 3yo+ F/M (Steeplechase) - W

Could be that I already have two horses in that race, but anyway, there should be a notification that she wasn’t entered…? And I didn’t get any notifications about other horses not being automatically entered (only about successful entries), so I think there may be more.

It looks like she wasn’t entered because the script stopped after it entered 7 horses. It should have put an entry in for your status, though, saying she wasn’t entered.

I’ve added logging so hopefully next time I can figure out what it’s trying to do, and where it’s gone wrong, as I don’t see anything obvious in the script.