[align=center]This summer from Monday June 25 - Friday July 6 I may not be on. I may not even be in the country. I might be volunteering in Nicaragua, a rather small and extremely poor (due to corrupt government) country in Central America. The project is to help fix up a school in a barrio (a poor section of town) in the capital city of Managua. I’ll be going with my teacher (French and a global studies class called Teens Around the World), the Spanish teacher at our school, our counselor who also speaks Spanish and a History/English teacher from the school as well as 10-12 other students, all from the Teens Around the World (TAW) class. My teacher, Julie Krug, has been recognized by the Peace Corp and several other foundation as a Global Educator. She has been on TV several times because she adopted a baby girl, Marita, from Nicaragua last year. The TAW class has already changed my life, even though school just started at the end of August. I’m not kidding. It has made me so much more grateful for my life and aware of what is going on in the world. I helped out at a fundraiser for children living in extreme poverty in Nicaragua. $125 per child could get them into school, all their school supplies and feed them for a year. That’s incredible. I spoke with Americans who live in Nicaragua and help the people. One woman, a friend of Ms. Krug, came to visit us and she’s a nun who’s lived there for over 50 years. She played a HUGE role in the war and helping with Marita’s adoption. Okay, I’m babbling now. I get really emotional about this. It means that much to me. So it’s not a 100% I’m going yet because my parents aren’t totally sure and I haven’t gotten the application and been approved yet. I’ll let you guys know for sure by the second week of December. Thank you Ms. Krug for all you have taught me. You have singlehandedly changed my life.

Ms. Krug’s Adoption Stories from ABC7 News
November 2005, before adoption
April 2006, after adoption
Ms. Krug and Marita in May 2006 (photo taken by my mom)

she sounds an awesome teacher best wisheds if you do go

Thanks. My mom said no way yesterday because she’s never been to Nicaragua and says I’m her only child and she’d have a heart attack and would worry. Typical. I understand though. She says I can only go if she can come. Hopefully Ms. Krug can talk her into letting me go without her coming. lol. :slight_smile:

I’m glad a country in need is getting good, needed attention. This is a great thing that you’re doing.

Good luck!  ;D