Next Week's races

So I noticed that at the bottom of the Upcoming Races page, it says Dec. 31, 1969 but no races are listed (obviously since that’s a while ago :joy_cat:) There’s also no races set up for Wednesday the 30th.

Just wanted to point that out! :heart:


I know we’ve been posting a number of things lately (new RL stud proposals, new mares/studs not appearing in hypo mating, 2023 eclipse awards, adding inactive farm horses to the FF account, ect), but I’d be happy just to have 2025 races added and searchable. Kind of need races to keep the FF wheel turning. I can be patient with the rest, hah.


Apologies - I was finishing up work until yesterday. I’ve updated Dec 30 and Jan 2025 schedules and will work on a script that does the rest.


Thank you @Shanthi

Hope you enjoy your Christmas break.

Thanks Shanthi!

Happy holidays, and hoping you finally have some vacation/down time.

Thanks so much Shanthi!

Happy holidays, and enjoy your break!


Also, happy birthday! :cake:


Thank you :blush:

Thank you so much Shanthi! Happy holidays!

Happy Christmas Shanthi and lets hope next year is a better year for everybody.


Hi @Shanthi, discovered that while trying to search for next year’s races (using the 2024 schedule to give me an idea), no matter what time duration I choose to search (Jan 2024 - Dec 2024, or Jan 2024 - May 2024), the search results only show December 2024 races.

That’s because December is the only set of 2024 races left. You’d need to search 2025 to get Jan onward.

2025 doesn’t show up in the drop down, which is why I was using 2024. At least for the beginning date, I didn’t actually check end date (oops), but end date can’t be sorted by month. I presume this might magically update in January?