Newbies, please...

…buy the 200+ horses FF has for sale.  I’m tired of scrolling through them on the sales page.  :wink:  Yes, they’re all old(er) geldings, but only two of them have earned less than the $1,000 purchase price.

Feel free to buy as many as you want.

If any are still for sale at the end of January, I will take off their sales tags and keep using them as filler horses for FF.

bought one already    :slight_smile:

Buy more! :wink:  Take half a dozen or so.

I bought several of these types of horses when I was a newbie. 50% of them did surprisingly well for me. Simply spectacular earned me 138,500 and if the race code hadn’t had a problem one day another 45,000 could have been added to this. Highland continent earned 14,000 but made a loss because i was silly enough to ship him to australia for his last race  :-[
Chosen carefully many of them will more than cover their costs (but some won’t!) and give some fun and the chance to learn more about the game.
hope you all pick winners!