Well… Though I shouldn’t desire to get into another online game, I’ve decided to.
I’ve long wanted a horse racing game, and seeing as every other game is either non-automated or run with far too many people Final Furlong became my choice.

I look forward to the day my Stable gets approved, and hope to join you all in game soon.

Welcome and have fun

Thanks for the welcome.

So far I’ve read the Newbie Guide, FAQ, and pretty much any thread that looked even remotely interested… I think I might be about half ready to start playing snicker But it does strike me that alot of what you need here is a cultivated experience level that I just won’t get by reading.

prances I can’t wait to start cultivating my experience and see what my starting racer is.

A lot of it is experience and in the beginning it can be a tad overwhelming, what with all the bells and whistles.  My advice is to ship your ponies close to home, either to your “home” track and train them there, or the closest one with applicable races that last for at least a month or two.  You can figure this out by searching the race schedule for appropriate races.

Managing your budget is also paramount–don’t spend more than you can afford.

If you’re active on the forum, polite, responsible and demonstrate that you can manage your string realistically (read: don’t throw a maiden/low level allowance runner into a stakes race), more established stables might be more inclined to help you out if you do ask them privately. 

It is rough to start out.  A small budget and only two runners.  But if you stick with it, manage your finances carefully, make some strategic purchases (picking up foals cheaply at auctions pays off in the long run, but it means you’ve got to be in it for the long run), things do work out.  So, I guess the message is: perseverance. =)

Good luck!

snicker Well… I made the error of signing up prior to reading the newbie guide (I’ll take full blame for this one personaly… seeing as no one else can be made to take responsibility for my own actions). So I’ll have a yearling and a racer once my account gets approved.
But, I think I can cope. Worst comes to worst I play my cards and try to claim something decent or hope for an allright price on a decent horse.

As for my “Home Track”. I’m thinking (based on a lot of advice others have given) somewhere in NY just becuase it’ll save me a ton of money and I should be able to get my horses on the track without a lot of shipping.

Preservence is… From what I’ve seen, the key to any of these SIM games.
I figure I’ll go with a 3 month trial period for myself (to make sure this is really as suited to my personality as I think it is) and if that works out, I might consider donating or somesuch to up my funding level :wink:.

Thank you for the great advice!

I’m based out of Belmont and I find it works pretty well.  Right now I’ve got the Saratoga races 220-ish miles away and I can ship basically anywhere in the Northeast area affordably.  Only the best go to Fl or occasionally the west coast. 

I adore how helpful the community for this game is! It’s so wonderful.

and I got my email today saying I’m approved! dances As soon as my account gets sorted out I’ll see about learning the ropes for real.

Welcome to the game! Hope you enjoy it!

So far I’m having a good time.
I like that I don’t have to spend a ton of time on the game, but can do extra time (like handicapping) to try and pick up some spare cash. (And on my first attempt at Handicapping I did 7 races and hit 2 Wins, 3 Places, and a Show, so not too bad at all)

And I’m prepping my Racehorse for her first race right now (shipped her to the track, hoping she recovers nicely…) I can’t wait to run her!

I know I’m late, but hello!

I started out picked a racehorse and a broodmare before reading the Newbie Guide. So I started out similarly. It wasn’t that bad for me, though I was extremely lucky to start out with the racehorse that I did, Unabridged. So maybe you won’t have it bad, either.

Good luck to you and your horses! (Did you have your first race? How did it go?)