newbie needs help lol

I’m a newbie and I def. need some help.
I entered a race and I have no idea when the race is supposed to be run. I’m really confused by the future time we are running on. I also put a claim in on a horse and I have not idea when that race is/was to be run either. Also in the newbie guide it says if you want to buy more horses you can check out the “buy horse” page. I looked everywhere but I don’t see a buy horse page. Can anyone tell me where I go to find a broodmare for sale?
One more thing. I have a gelding I don’t want. Says I can’t sell him until he’s raced 3 times but he’s injured and I haven’t even been able to race him once. How long does an injury take to heal.
I’m really, really confused! Thanks! Tawny

The month/day in Final Furlong matches up with the month/day of real life. The year is just 4 years in the future.

Once you login the next to last link in the top blue area is “Buy Horses.” There are unlikely to be any broodmares available for sale there. Your best bet is the suggestions listed in the Newbie Guide for finding new horses. However, be prepared for a lot of no’s with broodmares. They’re a very hot commodity.

As for your gelding, it depends when he was injured. Various injuries take different amounts of time to heal, unless it’s overheating, a bowed tendon, or a broken leg, most injuries are healed in 3-4 weeks. However, since getting new horses is so difficult, you probably don’t actually want to sell him if you want any chance of making money. You’ll most likely NEED both your race horses.

Thespian should be sound. He was injured back in March, but has raced successfully since then. He should be good to race.

Looking at your gelding, he was injured 3/12/2009. If you look at the race results for that day, it shows he was limping after the race…it doesn’t take 10 months to heal from that, so he is fine to race.

The days of races are shown on the entry page and the post parade page…races were just run yesterday, and will be run again every Wednesday and Saturday.

ok thanks for the replies. I’m going now to go look at my stable and horses. It might take me awhile to get the hang of this but I will get there lol.