Newbie Guide

OK, I’ve compiled/edited the

questions already asked <a href=‘


What’s missing?

YAY! The sexy nekkidness is

now engraved in digital stone. :smiley:

I realized there’s

absolutely nothing about breeding in the guide. So anyone who has good questions about that

should feel free to post them. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how many

newbies will read the newbie guide before signing up, but how about a bit about your first

horse request? Basically saying "If you’re not sure what horse to request, consider a 3 year

old racehorse." (erm, I think).

To me, the clueless-about-horses person, I’d assume a 2

y/o was best since it was younger and so had a longer career in front of it. When I started,

I didn’t know that 2 y/o horses are raced infrequently.

Breeding baffles me to the point

where I don’t even know what questions to ask. I’ll look over the FAQ and see if I can

figure out how it all works (OK, I realize I just set myself up for a joke) and relay any

questions that spring to mind.

Shanthi, the guide is great!

I’ll see if I can come up with any more questions but I think it will take me a while to

digest all this. Fantastic work! :smiley:

That’s awesome for Newbies.

Wish it was around when I started… Then I wouldn’t have had million-hour long AIM

conversations with Shanthi and Andrea and anyone else who I could find about the game…


Awesome work again from Shanthi! :smiley:

I just thought of something

that might be helpful to include in the newbie guide and is really my pet peeve when someone

sells or talks about a horse…thoroughbred terminology!


brother/sister:[/b] can only be called so when out of the [b]SAME

DAM[/b]! There’s a reason for this: a broodmare can only have 1 foal a

year(unless twins) and so her foals get the specialness title of being called “1/2 siblings”

while a stallion can have lots of foals so having the same sire is not so special as having

the same dam. In real life a stud can have hundred+ foals a year and that’s not so special

:wink: Using this correctly helps clarify things when talking about your


Same Sire: use “same sire as…” or "by the sire

of…"or something along those lines-never call them 1/2’s


siblings:[/b] I see it as either a broodmare being bred to Sire A one year and

then Sire A’s son the next year OR Broodmare A being bred to Sire A one year and then

broodmare A’s daughter being bred to Sire A.

All I can think of about that right

now…although maybe a little snippet about inbreeding-its effects on horses in this game

might be helpful-geez even I would like to know more about that! :wink: -although so far I’ve

seen some nice success with it (ie:High On Love).

Oh and maybe leave the breeding

terminology department and try out the racing part of it? Some newbies who are NEW NEW to

racing might not know how long a furlong is or how many make a mile or whatnot. Or what

exactly a Figure 8 bridle is? What does it do? It might help out those people :slight_smile: …i’ll

see if i can think of some more and if any newbies read this feel free to add anything, even

if it seems like common knowledge I’m sure somebody else doesn’t know either :slight_smile:

Yeah…those can probably go

in the FAQ, actually. :slight_smile: Since they aren’t really “tips on playing”, per se, but they’re

good info to have.

I’ll try and remember to add those this week. Thanks!

(And yeah,

3/4 sib is for 2 foals who share 1 parent and have the other parent be parent/offspring in

some fashion. I don’t know if it’s “officially” allowed to use it for Sire A and Broodmare

A/Broodmare A Daughter, but whatever :stuck_out_tongue: Works for me…)