New Studs for 2018

Is anyone planning on retiring any of their boys to stud for next year. I’m starting to plan breedings so  looking to find out who might be available.

Thanks in advance.

Lord Nelson will be retiring to stud - he’s won stakes at 3, 4, and 5 over dirt, turf, and SC so doesn’t really have anything left to prove. :slight_smile: Ideally he’ll get to ICh. before retiring, though, so he may go to the shed in March/April rather than January depending on how his next few races go.

He’s Cigar/Spectacular Bid/Highland Rogue, so a lovely mix of quality bloodlines.

Lovely - I definitely have a lady or two for him :slight_smile:

Depending on whether or not his has a 5yo season in him, Black Cherry (High Chances x Cherry Flavoured, created) may be up for stud. He does better on turf, but has raced successfully on dirt too. He is pretty reliable in the classic range (8f-10f), but can go a bit shorter and a bit longer.

He’s pretty much Rogue x Created, so it’d be interesting to see how he crosses with Worth mares.

I’m hoping City Upon a Hill (Crystal Rainbow x Sacred Hill) has a 4yo season in him. He’s got a mix of Rainbow Quest/Wizard (Worth/Rogue), so out-crosses would be best.

I plan to retire NCh. Sunday Paper who blossomed as a 4yo and is an endurance SC specialist. He will also likely be Sunday Silence’s only foal who raced his way to studship (there is FF’s newer stud Deep Impact) so if you need some variety in your lines, and have a SC loving mare, this boy may be a good match

Thank you. I definitely have a girl for Sunday Paper.

I’ve also got some in mind for your boys Cat when they retire.

I feel dumb - forgot all about the stud we bought at auction!

Edinburgh will definitely retire in 2018 - after languishing with FF for 2 years he deserves his stud hood. He won stakes at 4 and 5 on dirt up to 10f. He didn’t try turf or jumps until age 6, though, so I think if he’d done so in his prime he would’ve enjoyed one/both, given his bloodlines.

Ironically, he’s bred quite similarly to Nelson: Seattle Slew/Highland Rogue/Cigar, so another one for the classic bloodlines.

Ive been excited for Edinburgh since before the sale :slight_smile:

LOVE Sunday Paper! Depending on stud fees I’ll definitely send a few mares to these boys.

I haven’t decided what the stud fee will be yet, likely around $10,000 for his first/second season until he proves himself as a stally. If price is an issue for you, i’m happy to work out deals for a decent mare :slight_smile:

I’m very okay with 10k! Especially a Sunday Silence boy. I just can’t often justify giving a freshman stallion a go at 20k+.

Perhaps I’ll send [color=red]Ch. Restless Heart to him - she looks like his twin sister :wink: and loved jumping too.

Both of my qualified boys will keep running next year, barring any major changes.  :slight_smile:

(Maybe it seems irrelevant to post that, but I know I’m reserving a couple spots for boys that I THINK might be retiring, so would like to hear if they’re going to keep running so I can find a different match.)