New FF Studs

FF is down to 9 famous studs. Feel free to make suggestions for any newer studs you’d like to see in the game. As long as they’re actively standing at stud in real life, and at least a few people are interested in using them, 2 or 3 could be added each year.

I’d be up for any of the following:

Curlin, Tapit, More Than Ready, Indian Charlie, Candy Ride, Birdstone, Medaglia d’Oro.

There were a few others but I’m also thinking new lines. I don’t think we need more A.P. Indy?

We have Curlin’s sire in the game already, so I don’t think we need him too. I’d prefer fresh bloodlines (sire/dam/dam sire not represented already).

I figured. Curlin was just a sentimental favorite throw-in  :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really know about American based studs but if you wanted something from this side of the pond possibly Galileo (Sadlers Wells x Urban Sea) who’s probably the best sire in Europe at the moment. Or if you’d rather move away (a little!) from Northern Dancer lines maybe Oasis Dream (Green Desert ex Hope (Dancing Brave) who’s doing very well over here. Irl he’s the sire of BC F/M Turf winner ('09) Midday and also Tuscan Evening so wouldn’t be completely unknown to those that know more about the US side of things. Or maybe you could try something like Sea The Stars or his sire Cape Cross who’s doing well for Darley. Cape Cross is also the sire of Ouija Board so again wouldn’t be totally unfamiliar as she’s a dual BC winner. Or maybe you could keep the Australian based breeders happy with another Sadlers Wells son High Chapparal? He’s not been amazing as a stud in Europe but doing very well Down Under. If you wanted a younger stallion you could try BC Classic winner Ravens Pass (my favourite  :wink: ) who’s American bred (by Elusive Quality).

I think that’s probably more than enough suggestions from me but I’m sure I could always think of a few more  :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, scrap half of those as they’re related to horses already in the game - too much Northern Dancer blood over here!

Everything’s got Northern Dancer. :wink:

I just don’t want direct sons/grandsons of the 9 studs we already have. (i.e. Curlin is sired by Smart Strike, who’s in the game.) Skip the Sadlers Wells sons, as we have him, but the others could work.

I’m happy to start a poll once we get a handful of candidates that people are interested in. :slight_smile:

Could we have some gender-bending?  I’d be really happy with a Rachel Alexandra(Alexander?) and a Zenyatta(Zenyatto?).  I know, I know, reality…but a girl can hope, right?  Plus, fillies are awesome. 

I’d say Black Tie Affair, minus the whole being dead thing.  Mmm… Zombie babies.

Encosta De Lago (Fairy King x Shoal Creek by Star Way) or Fastnet Rock (Danehill x Piccadilly Circus by Royal Academy)

lol!  :slight_smile:

Fillies are awesome, but less accessible to the entire game. :wink: So…no.

Zombie babies, though…we could do a whole spin-off game full of zombie ponies, and skeletal ponies, and ethereal ghostly ponies. Woo!

I lol’d at the gender-bending and zombie babies :smiley:

Some others:
Rock of Gibraltar (Danehill x Offshore Boom, by Be My Guest). He’s 3x3 Northern Dancer, but hopefully that’s far enough back to not really bother anyone, and he has a lot of nice runners right now including G1 winners Diamondrella and Eagle Mountain.

Tiger Hill (Danehill x The Filly, by Appiani II). Damline completely devoid of any FF horses, and Northern Dancer doesn’t appear until the 3rd Gen. Has sired G1 winners Konigstiger and Iota.

Lonhro (Octagonal x Shadea, by Straight Strike). Only FF horse in he pedigree would be Mr. Prospector in the 3rd on the dam’s side.

O’Reilly (Last Tycoon x Courtza, by Pompeii Court). I think he’s sort of the Smart Strike of Australia/NZ? Please correct me if I’m wrong. My only concern with choosing him is that he’s already 18.

Pins (Snippets x No Finer, by Kaoru Star). Standing in NZ. Only FF horse is that pesky Northern Dancer, but waaay back in the 4th generation, and only once. He’s 5x5 Hyperion and x5,5 Nearco (so twice on dam’s side), and has sired G1 winners El Segundo, Katie Lee, Legs, Econsul, and Porotene Gem.

Naw, I meant change the girls into boys.  Take their stats and just change their sex.  You can do that, because you are that awesome.  I’m totally okay with FF not being a direct replica of the real world.  :wink:

Already in the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tiger Hill is by the same sire as Rock of Gibraltar. Lonhro’s sire Octagonal is in the game.

Ah, I see. Yeah, also not happening. :wink: Violates the whole “actively standing [at stud] in real life” bit. Nice thought, though.

I obviously don’t look hard enough. I’ll just join Team Zombie Pony for now. Bring on the Gallorette’s!

More Than Ready? although not sure if ND’s on the dam side?

Maybe Dynaformer (sp?) although again he’s probably a little bit old.

Dubawi’s from the Mr Prospector sire line via Dubai Millenium and Seeking The Gold and ND free on the dam line.

And finally here’s a tounge in cheek suggestion  :wink: - pretty pony though … _id=723081

He’s handsome. :slight_smile: I’ve got enough graphics/genetics to deal with without adding in the paint genes, though.

I would love to see More Than Ready - he’s one of my favorite sires. Although ND in the 3rd generation on his sire’s side.

Since ND’s not in the game himself, and he’s in practically every TB’s pedigree, I’m not too worried. Like I said, I just don’t want direct sires/sons or broodmare sires/grandsons in the game, given how many pretty studs there are to choose from. :slight_smile:

Invasor, Smarty Jones, Blame, Starspangledbanner,  Repriced (a son of Roberto), All American (son of Red Ransom, so more Roberto), Street Sense, Sun King… That’s the best I can come up with while trying to avoid in-game sires…Mr. Prospector and Northern Dancer sure are hard to avoid!