New Boston Stables Unofficial 2022 Foal Crop

Even though none of these foals were bred by me, I thought it would still be fun to share them with everyone (especially to let their actual breeders see how they turned out) :slight_smile:

GCh. Simply Heroic (B) x Ara’s Rumor - Ch. Rumor Has It (B)
Bred by Denoux Stud
9.2h liver chestnut filly

She came a day early, but besides that everything appears to be perfect. This filly is 3/4 sister to [color=green]Wulfgar, who was stakes placed and her dam was a solid racer so I’m hoping she has a successful career.

[color=red]1 Filly | [color=blue]0 Colts | 5 due

Great name. :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Always great to see your very first foals even if you didn’t choose the parents  :slight_smile:

Thanks! It has been fun seeing how they all turn out. This latest addition kept me waiting for a bit, but luckily there were no issues for mare or foal.

[color=red]LOLA LOLA
ICh. Blue Smoke (B) x Angelic Theory - WCh. I’m Your Angel
Bred by Generous Bloodstock
10.0h bay filly

Decided to name her after Marlene Dietrich’s character in the film, The Blue Angel, since I saw we already had a horse in the game named Blue Angel Fighter. She’s the 4th foal for her SP dam, though her eldest foal hasn’t been started yet. Angelic Theory is off to see Lord Nelson next.

[color=red]2 Fillies | [color=blue]0 Colts | 4 due

Congrats on the healthy Blue Smoke filly! Pretty name!

Thank you! I’ll be excited to see how she runs in a couple years :slight_smile:

Congrats on the healthy babies! It’s always exciting when new foals show up. I know that I’ve become attached to a lot of the babies born in my barn, even if I wasn’t the one who bred them. XD

Lovely name. Glad she arrived safely for you.

Pretty filly :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Another filly was born today, and almost a week earlier than expected.

NCh. AndLikeThatHesGone x La Revedere - Blue Ensign (B)
Bred by Denoux Stud
9.3h black filly

Decided to pull this girl’s name from the same monologue in The Usual Suspects where Verbal says “And like that he’s gone.” This is the first foal for La Revedere, and she’ll be visiting Quintet next.

[color=red]3 Fillies | [color=blue]0 Colts | 5 due | Next Due 3/8

Great name…I need to watch The Usual Suspects again.

Congrats on the healthy filly! :smiley:

Thanks [member=2]Shanthi[/member] and [member=4083]willagrey[/member]! I actually ended up rewatching The Usual Suspects again the other night, still just as good :slight_smile: In other news, a very early colt today. I think this mare was due the end of March if I’m remembering correctly.

ICh. Belanso (S) x Like An Egyptian - GCh. Akhetnaten (S)
Bred by Denoux Stud
8.0h dark grey colt

Named after the Egyptian city, this little guy is still bigger than I was expecting for such an early foal. Mom didn’t have an extensive racing career since she broke her leg as a 2yo, so I’ll be interested to see how this guy will run in a couple years. Like An Egyptian is off to visit Bellagio next.

[color=blue]1 Colt | [color=red]3 Fillies | 6 due | Next Due 3/1

Nice colt. :slight_smile:

Congrats on the healthy Belanso colt!

Great name.

Our first perfectly on time foal of the year!

GCh. Naval Commander x Moonlight Garden (S) - Created
Bred by Semiahmoo Stables
9.0h dapple grey colt

Named for a pretty pond plant, this boy is a nice dappled grey like his dam. He’s 1/2 brother to [color=red]Ch. Dahlia, [color=red]Bird Of Paradise, [color=green]Ch. Moonlight Song, and I’ll be sending Moonlight Garden to Zadar next.

[color=blue]2 Colts | [color=red]3 Fillies | 6 due | Next Due 3/8

Lovely Colt.

Love the name.