New Boston Stables 2028 Foal Crop

The most exciting time of the year is back!

GCh. Quirky Scent x Graceful Profit - Invasor
8h grey colt
The first foal for this SP mare. She was her best as a 2yo over dirt sprints so looking forward to what this pairing brings!

1 Colt | 0 Fillies | 53 Foals Still Due


Another colt for a maiden mare.

NCh. Lucky Streak (S) x Dark Assassin - NCh. Lasting Spirit (S)
9.3h blue roan colt
Excited to see a big blue roan in the stable this morning! The dam, Dark Assassin, wasn’t the most proven on the track, but her dam, Detour, had a MSW and two other SP foals so I felt it was worth it to see how she’d do in the breeding shed.

2 Colts | 0 Fillies | 52 Foals Still Due


First filly of the year!

NCh. Glorious Victory (B) x Princess Baketaten - GCh. Akhetnaten (S)
8.1h bay filly
Second foal and filly for Princess Baketaten. She was claimed as a 4yo so I don’t think she was ever able to reach her peak on the track, but still managed to be SP and set a speed record. Hoping this cross produces a dirt sprint superstar.

2 Colts | 1 Filly | 51 Foals Still Due


The mares all are in agreement to go one at a time it seems :sweat_smile:

NCh. Carrowmore (S) x Bitter Letter - Invasor
9.2h chestnut filly
This filly is a bit of an outcross with Bitter Letter being an over fences mare by a dirt stud and Carrowmore being an incredible turf horse. I’ll just have to wait and see how she shapes up I suppose!

2 Colts | 2 Fillies | 50 Foals Still Due


The mares broke their truce to only go one at a time on Saturday! Currently very even between fillies and colts.

Saturday Jan 6th
GCh. Emoji x GCh. Dobies Bight - ICh. Doodles
8.2h bay filly
One of my most anticipated foals. I raced both Emoji and Dobies Bight to their GCh titles over fences so it’s very exciting to have a homebred that is out of the both of them. Very excited to see this foal hit the steeplechase course once she’s a 3yo.

GCh. Pass the Buck x Ch. Lamenda Prime - ICh. Belanso
9.2h grey colt
Lamenda Prime was her best over long dirt distances and also was a SW and MSP at 10 furlongs. With Pass the Buck being better over sprint to classic distances I’m hoping this colt will be happy in the classic range.

NCh. LiveLong&Prosper (B) x Ch. Good As Gold - NCh. Void (S)
9.1h bay colt
The first of our Lit de Lilly mares to foal this season. I’ve ended up with a little collection by having 3 of them on the farm. Good As Gold had a dirt preference and was MSP at all distances, so fingers crossed for a good dirt runner here. This colt is 4x4 linebred to Highland Rogue.

NCh. Away The Lads (B) x Rainbow Sky - WCh. Crystal Rainbow (S)
8.3h dapple grey filly
First foal for this mare who is 1/2 sister to NCh. Bells Beach. She was MSP over both turf and dirt, but only had allowance wins on Turf. I’m hoping for her to carry on her damlines knack for producing great horses :crossed_fingers:

Sunday Jan 7th

ICh. First Born Son (S) x Kicked to the Curb - WCh. Gotta Go (G)
9.2h dark grey filly
First foal for Kicked to the Curb. She was mainly a Turf classic to endurance distance racer. This foal in 2x3 linebred to Ring of Fire.

4 Colts | 5 Fillies | 45 Foals Still Due


Monday Jan 8th

ICh. Calle de Oro (B) x Like An Egyptian (B) - GCh. Akhetnaten (S)
8h black filly
Keeping with the Egyptian cities theme for Like An Egyptian’s foals with this filly. Like An Egyptian has 2 foals who are stakes winners, one who is an MSW, and all her foals have won on the track. Looking forward to what this cross will bring.

NCh. Franco Classico x Ch. Selena - GCh. Latino Mix
8.3 dark bay colt
First foal for Selena who was a SW and SP on dirt over sprint and classic distances.

Tuesday Jan 9th

GCh. Final Scene x Angelic Theory (S) - WCh. I’m Your Angel (B)
9.1h grey filly
Another filly for Angelic Theory! 7 of her 9 foals are fillies and she’s had one stakes winner and one stakes placed mare so far. Her foals have had success over all 3 tracks and this filly was bred for turf, but we’ll see what happens when the time comes.

5 Colts | 7 Fillies | 42 Foals Still Due


GCh. Emoji x Ch. Strange Encounter (B) - NCh. Sneak Peek (S)
9.1h chestnut colt
Another little Emoji minime in the stable. Strange Encounter was an MSW and millionaire over fences herself so hoping this colt loves jumping as much as his parents. Her first foal, Faithless who is with Dreadnought, is SP and her second foal, Court Manners bred by Generous Bloodstock, had a great start last year and is a multi winner.

6 Colts | 7 Fillies | 41 Foals Still Due


Almost to the end of our early January foals, just waiting for two mares that have holding out since the first week!

NCh. Franco Classico x Ch. Imperial Gesture - FFCh. High Chances (S)
9h bay filly
Another filly for Imperial Gesture. She was a MSW and her oldest foal Bolt of Silk is a stakes winner. This filly’s name is the Italian title for empress.

6 Colts | 8 Fillies | 40 Foals Still Due


Healthy and pretty colt was in the barn this morning. Still waiting on two early January holdouts as we get to the February batch of foals. One mare was due the 1st of January and the other the 9th so hopefully those foals drop soon.

Ch. Emoji x Argus Array - GCh. High On Love (S)
9.3h mahogany bay colt

7 Colts | 8 Fillies | 39 Foals Still Due


Love the name!

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Thank you!

After holding out 21 days this colt finally made his appearance!

NCh. Secret Handshake x Highland Occult - NCh. Highland Wizard (S)
9.2h black colt
Linebred 3x4 to Highland Rogue and 4x3 to Easy Street. Highland Occult wasn’t much of a racer herself, but she’s got some lines that are more unique to my barn so we’re waiting to see how her foals perform.

8 Colts | 8 Fillies | 38 Foals Still Due


January 31
GCh. Quirky Scent x Dobara (S) - Created
8.2h grey filly
Another healthy filly for Dobara. Hoping for a nice dirt horse with this filly, so far Dobara has mainly produced solid allowance horses.

NCh. Never Let Go x La Revedere - Blue Ensign
9h bay filly
This filly was the foal that was holding out on us for a whole 30 days! Very glad to see her here healthy and safe though. La Revedere has produced solid allowance horses over both turf and SC.

NCh. Bells Beach x Ch. Sedate Rock - NCh. Carrowmore
9.3h black colt
First foal for this MSW turf mare. Sedate Rock is another Lit de Lilly foal we own, and I was able to race her to just 40k shy of millionaire status. Hoping for big things in tbe broodmare shed for her!

February 1
GCh. Cool Crusader x Ch. Child At Heart - NCh. Sunday Paper
8h dark bay colt
First foal for this SW and MSP mare. She was a her best over classic to long distances on Turf, so I’m hoping that Cool Crusader’s speed over sprints boosts her foals potential. This colt is 3x4 linebred to What’s it Worth.

10 Colts | 10 Fillies | 34 Foals Still Due


Two more colts to break the tie between colts and fillies.

NCh. Pay the Boatman (B) x Locksley’s Lady - NCh. Robin Hood
8.3h dark bay colt
Second foal for Locksley’s Lady who was an older claimer from FF, but still managed to get a SW and set a speed record for us. This colt is 3x3 linebred to What’s it Worth.

GCh. Local Haunt x Ch. Waiting For Spring - GCh. Worth My While (S)
8.3h chestnut colt
Third foal for Waiting For Spring who was MSP over dirt. Her oldest foal starts running this year so I’ll be excited to see how he goes!

12 Colts | 10 Fillies | 32 Foals Still Due


Love the name Dive Bar!

Thank you, I was surprised it wasn’t taken already!

NCh. Fight The Twilight (B) x Ch. Linette - NCh. Clockstopper
8.3h bay colt
Named for Brick’s father in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Second foal for this SW mare.

13 Colts | 10 Fillies | 31 Foals Still Due


It’s an influx of colts the last few days!

GCh. Dark Debate x Ch. Antares - NCh. Formal Occasion
8.1h bay colt
Keeping with the naming theme of her foals, Scorpius is the constellation which houses the star Antares. This is the first colt for Antares. Her two oldest fillies are both winners, but she did her best as a slightly older mare so I’m hoping her foals continue to grow on the track.

GCh. Emoji x Ching Shih - NCh. In The Navy
8.3h red chestnut colt
Named for the steamed dumplings, second foal for this mare.

ICh. First Born Son (S) x Lady Deca - Octagonal (S)
8.3h liver chestnut colt
Another healthy foal for Lady Deca. She is the 1/2 sister to retired stallion Daredevil Dan. So far she’s had winners, but still waiting to see if she has any exceptional foals like her dam.

16 Colts | 10 Fillies | 28 Foals Still Due


Yet another colt!

GCh. Never Let Go x Ripe Field - ICh. What’s Your Point
8.3h bay colt
First foal for this mare. She didn’t have the most established track record, but she has lines that the stable is more lacking in, so we’ll wait and see how she produces.

17 Colts | 10 Fillies | 27 Foals Still Due


NCh. Exit Poll (B) x Ch. Chang’e - Ch. Moonopoly (B)
9.2h dark bay colt
The last Exit Poll foal that we had bred before his passing last year. All the foals we’ve had from him are great SC horses so I’ll be excited to see how this colt does when the time comes. Chang’e was a stakes winner and stakes placed over fences, but also did decently in allowances on dirt & turf so I might send her to a flat surface stud next.

18 Colts | 10 Fillies | 26 Foals Still Due