New Boston Stables 2026 Foals

Finally some foals! I have some other maiden mares still holding out, but this pair both by French Ruby decided to come together today.

NCh. French Ruby (S) x Ch. Odd Light - GCh. Latino Mix
9h chestnut colt

NCh. French Ruby (S) x Whisky Rebel - GCh. Latino Mix
10.1h grey filly

Both these mamas will be headed to our SC stud Emoji who just retired. Fingers crossed I’ll get myself together enough soon to make a public listing for him soon!

1 Colt|1 Filly|31 more due


Some of our overdue foals finally made it to the ground!

Ch. Final Scene x Big Five Oh - NCh. The Fighting Fifty (B)
9.3h blue roan colt
First foal for this MSP mare. She did well over both dirt and turf, but this boy is bred more for turf. We’ll have to see what he prefers in a few years though! Haven’t decided where this mama will go quite yet, I might wait to see if we get some new FF stallions!

GCh. Spiritofsaintlouis x Ch. Mirror Magic - ICh. Highland Magic (S)
9.2h dark bay filly
Second foal for this SW MSP steeplechase mare. Hopefully she takes after mom and dad! Mirror Magic will be headed to Emoji next.

NCh. Secret Handshake x Ch. Tottenham Time - GCh. Tottenham Hotspur
7.3h grey colt
Our most overdue foal so far! And still such a peanut! This is Tottenham Time’s first foal and she was a SW & MSP on turf over classic distances. Next she’ll be headed to First Born Son.

3 Colts | 2 Fillies | 28 Due


Overdue mares are still holding out, but this foal came early in the meantime!

Ch. Powerful Soul x Ch. Bold Lilly (B) - NCh. Boldness Shows (S)
7.1h dark bay filly
Named for a type of lily to keep the naming convention of this mare line going! Bold Lilly is a MSP turf mare out of Lit de Lilly who I currently have two other mares out of. This filly is a 1/2 sister to MSW Ch. Charismatic who just finished up a great 3yo year so hopefully she can live up to that standard! Bold Lilly is off to see First Born Son next.

3 Colts | 3 Fillies | 27 Due


Finally another foal due the beginning of the month is here! Only 1 more overdue mare now.

NCh. Ducati (B) x Bitter Letter - Invasor
9.1h bay filly

Not sure quite how I got to this name, but this filly is named for a failed portuguese sports car that never made it to sale! Hopefully this girl has a bit more success than that, and breaks a bit faster than she came into this world. Her dam Bitter Letter is a maiden mare who did best at SC. Not quite sure who she’ll be going to next though.

3 Colts|4 Fillies|27 Due


Finally! The last of my overdue foals is here! Waiting For Spring took her name seriously and said she was all set with a new year’s baby.

WCh. Brigade (B) x Ch. Waiting For Spring - GCh. Worth My While (S)
9.1h chestnut colt
Named for his late arrival, this colt was 26 days later than expected! He’s bred for dirt, and hopefully lives up to his dam’s career since she was MSP while racing. Waiting For Spring is off to see Spirit In The Sky next.

4 Colts|4 Fillies|26 Due


The foals have been trickling in this year, no big groups coming all together like I’ve had in previous years so just one filly for today.

NCh. Ducati (B) x Seattle Juilet - NCh. Seattle Sorcerer (S)
8.3h black filly
A pretty black filly named for another brand of Italian motorbike. This is the first filly for Seattle Juilet who is 2x2 linebred to Seattle Slew. I’ve mainly been keeping her in my breeding program because I want those lines as outcrosses, but her 3yo has been doing decently so I have hopes this filly will be a good addition to the racing string when the time comes! Seattle Juilet is off to Nyquist next.

4 Colts|5 Fillies|25 Due


Another filly came safely today!

NCh. Glorious Victory (B) x Aizu - ICh. Demand the Best
8h bay filly
Named for the special police force in Japan that was created during the time of the Tokugawa shogunate. They sided with the shogunate during the battle of Aizu so I thought it was fitting! Aizu is off to see Tense Imagination next.

4 Colts | 6 Fillies | 24 Due


Love the name! The Shinsengumi are fascinating to read about!

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A big filly for today and now the fillies have a clear lead.

ICh. Devil’s Walk (B) x Bridge the Gap - ICh. Unabridged
10h dark grey filly
Was trying to think of a name and I couldn’t shake that RUN DMC x Aerosmith song so here she is! Bridge the Gap only has one foal racing currently, but he’s done quite well at the allowance level. Bridge the Gap is off to see Tense Imagination next.

4 Colts | 7 Fillies | 23 Due


Surprised the name wasn’t taken. Lovely filly.

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Ch. Final Scene x Affecting - GCh. Highland Laird (S)
9.1h grey colt
Another healthy colt for Affecting! Her dam was a great producer with multiple SP and 2 SW foals, and hopefully she follows in those footsteps. She’s off to see Worthy Victor next.

5 Colts | 7 Fillies | 22 Due


Great name!

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Thank you! It was definitely one I thought would already be taken, but luckily not!

Another mama that was holding out for quite a while finally foaled today! Still held out long enough to miss her breeding spot though :triumph:

Authentic x Ch. I’m Yours - WCh. I’m Your Angel (B)
9.3h dark bay filly
This big girl said sincerely I don’t feel like coming on time. I’m Yours was a solid allowance runner and her 3yo has been doing well so hopefully this filly runs a bit faster than she arrived. I’m Yours was supposed to be headed to Ablative Armour, but we’ll have to do a little rescheduling!

5 Colts | 8 Fillies | 21 Due


Some early birds here today!

NCh. Irish Gold (S) x Ara’s Rumor (B) - Ch. Rumor Has It (S)
8.3h dark bay filly
1/2 sister to MSW Tabloid Troubadour. This filly is named for some good old Irish gossip, and should be a great Turf racer if she’s anything like her sister. Ara’s Rumor is off to see Powerful Soul next.

NCh. Painted Raven (B) x Typeface - Ch. Mr. Townsend (B)
7.2h dark bay colt
A small guy named after some Gothic font. Typeface was SP over fences so that’s the direction I’ll be planning on for him. Typeface is off to see our stallion Emoji next.

6 Colts | 9 Fillies | 19 Due


Typeface and Emoji… can’t wait to see the name :joy:


I may have some selected :wink: I’m already looking forward to what other people come up with for the names of their Emoji foals too! So many good possibilities :laughing:

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