New Baby Born Saturday

I had a beautiful

standardbred filly born Saturday. Here’s some pictures of my beautiful filly. I breed the

filly that was born on saturday. We own a standardbred Breeding Farm, so little faces like

this are common. But i decided to show you a picture of our newest addition so far her name

is Lavite, we still have to come up with a race name and register her. Were going to register

her next week.


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there was something

wrong with our camera, making our pictures look so bad. I apologize for the bad quality. I

also decided to take another picture of 4 of our beautiful standardbred yearlings. The two

horses in the back are two yearling colts and the two closer to the camera are both fillies.

Adorable baby! Congrats.


Wow, she’s soo cute!

Reminds me of my sister’s Appaloosa when she was just a filly(but she had spots, lol)!! :smiley:

thanks, she’s out of our

Champion Harness Racer. Baby Makes Three. He won the Florida Harness Championship a couple

years ago and we retired him about a year ago. So Lavite is the proud daughter from him. Her

mother has the legendary Albrotross in her bloodlines. Our next foal were planning on either

Towner’s Big Guy or another exceptional stallion.

We had some bad news today. We had

a mare due today. She was pregnant with twins. We had two vets at our barn. To make sure

everything went well. Well tragedy hit our barn hard today. We didn’t just lose our foals

but we also lost our prized broodmare. Ch Fabulous Glory. From what the vet said, she was

bleeding internally. She’s the first mare we lost at birthing.


GLORY** Our farm will miss you

I’m so sorry…:frowning: I hate

hearing things like that. I hope you and your farm will recover okay. My prayers go out to


o thank you. Were always sad

when one of our favorite mares passes. I dont want to say this to be mean or anything. But

thankfully we have other mares. So it would be alot easier to forget her. I mean our farm

will never forget her. But we do have a farm to run still and life goes on. It would of been

awesome if all three would of survived. But like they say if a mare has twins. Either the two

foals dont make or all three, and unfortunatly we were the ones with all three. Its just

hard to think, because my uncle does most of the foaling. I was in town when i got the call

that the mare had foaled, but they never told me. I arrived at the barn excited to think that

there’s going to be a new face. But to find out that all three died. Its just a shock.

I’m surprised the vet(s)

wouldn’t have recommended “pinching” one of the twins early on. Does the Standardbred

registry allow twins to be registered? I know the Jockey Club doesn’t.

Sorry to hear

about your mare, though. :frowning:

Alicia, i think i actually

remember your horse racing at Pampano a few years back. Well congrats on the foal and a very

successful breeding operation.

Shantai: We never had twin

foals before. We checked with the registry, before the foals were born. We could of

registered twins, but it would be rare. They would of been the first twins registered or


Augie: Yeah that was his favorite racetrack. He was one of our best foals

that we bred out. We breed alot of racers, but you know how things are. Not all get to be as

great as Baby Makes Three. Well hopfully with his bloodlines and racing attitude passes to

the foals that are born. Our foals are favorite at the yearlings auction every year so thats

an accomplishment.